What are the apps to book beach umbrellas

The apps will help users go to the beach to safely book umbrellas and sunbeds. Here are the apps to use

One of the big questions of the first post-coronavirus summer is about beaches: will we be able to go sunbathing and swimming? If yes, how will the managers of the beaches behave and how should citizens behave in the free beaches? At least for some well-known tourist destinations we already have some ideas: the apps to book the beach umbrella.

As far as private beaches are concerned, of course, the burden of organizing the social distancing without penalizing too much the freedom of bathers is all in the hands of the operators. The problem, however, are the free beaches where normally the first to arrive place the umbrella and take the place. But, as we all know, from July onwards the free Italian beaches are taken by storm by local bathers and tourists and, consequently, unfortunately, the municipalities will have to impose limits. Limits that will be smart, that is, through booking apps. Here are those already announced.


Sunbrellaweb is a web-app that can be reached from smartphones and computers using the browser. It collects more than 3800 bathing establishments throughout Italy and allows you to discover the prices for the rental of the sunbed, umbrella and all the extra services offered to users. From the portal you can also book a place on the beach. There are bathing establishments all over Italy.


Available both in the form of a web-app and an application for smartphones, Cocobuk allows you to book beach umbrellas and sunbeds in thousands of establishments all over Italy. Using the app is very simple: the map shows the establishments accredited on the platform and through the search you can select filters based on your needs. For each establishment you can view photos, prices and services offered. Payment is made directly by credit card.

Romagna Riviera: Click to beach

The Click to beach app is necessary to go swimming in the province of Ravenna and in the other beaches of the Romagna Riviera. It should be used to book in the beaches, both for a single day and if we already have a season pass. In the first case, after registration, you must choose the beach, date and time among the various combinations available and make the reservation at no additional cost. In the second case, you have to register your existing subscription in the app and specify the dates when you won't be going to the beach, so that the umbrella can be used by other users. In this case you will get a discount on the subscription, which becomes almost a "pay per beach".

Jesolo (Ve): J.Beach

In Jesolo, a tourist resort in the province of Venice usually crowded, you have to use the app J.Beach. It is necessary to book a place on the free beaches equipped by the municipality and in private beaches, but in some beaches it is possible to make a reservation only within certain hours of the same day or the day before and it is possible to book only one pitch per family/group/couple/person.

The QR Code problem

All the beach reservation apps require a check-in at the entrance of the facilities, made by scanning a QR Code. Which is a good idea, but causes occasional problems because it requires an Internet connection to complete the process and not all phone carriers have good coverage near the beach.