What are the best inventions of 2018

The U.S. weekly Time has compiled a list of the 50 best inventions of this 2018, here are some of the most innovative and revolutionary

As per tradition, also this year the experts of the U.S. magazine Time have created a list of the best inventions of 2018, selected according to the impact they have had or may have (for example, they could revolutionize the way we live) on our lives and daily lives.

In total, Time chose 50 different inventions presented in 2018 that could have a noticeable impact in the near future. Compared to the innovations chosen in 2017, those in 2018 are twice as many. Last year, in fact, the weekly magazine chose "only" 25 inventions to be included in the list of breakthrough discoveries. The discoveries that have influenced this 2018 and that may influence our daily gestures in the future are among the most varied: from migraine medication to indestructible tights or a baby bottle with a revolutionary shape. But here are in detail what are the main innovations that have marked this 2018 according to Time.

The main inventions of 2018

Of the fifty revolutionary inventions of this 2018 we have chosen five. The ones that in general could change their field of reference or help people in their everyday lives. Among the most important inventions in the social field we find Aira, a solution that could allow visually impaired people to live a more normal life. Using a series of wearables and cameras, the visually impaired person is "guided" remotely by an operator who verbally describes their surroundings. In this way, the visually impaired can carry out daily activities such as cooking, working out or moving around completely independently.

A pair of tights is forever. That's most likely what the commercial for Sheerly Genius, the tights made of Sheertex, the world's strongest polymer, will say. The average life of these women's tights is about 50 years. Not bad compared to the classic women's tights that often break after a few uses and so pollute the planet as well as representing a continuous cost for consumers.

If one of our main concerns in the world is pollution and we are frightened by the emissions caused by intensive meat farms we can rely on the products Beyond Meat. These are sausages and veggie burgers with a taste and shape very similar to foods made exclusively of beef or pork. According to Time magazine, Beyond Meat burgers and sausages contain 43 percent less fat and are much more environmentally friendly to produce than factory-farmed animals.

They're not on the market yet, but they should be appearing in several optical stores by 2019. We are talking about contact lenses Acuvue Oasys with Transitions, special lenses that adapt to the differences in light in different environments, behaving like glasses with transitions lenses. In this way we will not have problems keeping our eyes wide open even if it is very sunny and we do not have sunglasses. In addition, they avoid the somewhat unsightly effect of changing the color of the lenses of Transitions glasses.

Aimovig is the first medication designed exclusively for migraine. A pathology that between the stressful lifestyle and the intensive use of electronic devices affects more and more people around the world. Compared to others designed to treat constant headaches, the drug has fewer side effects and 50% more effective action.