What are they and how they work the “virtual games”

Virtual sports are a type of games in the field of sports betting and are based on simulated events but can provide realistic scenarios and immersive to the player thanks to the final streaming of the simulation of the real event.

This type of games is particularly appreciated by users because it is able to combine the calculation of the sporting prediction typical of real bets to the random element typical of casino games such as slot machines; it is therefore allowed to bet on one or more events not real but simulated.

Virtual games: origin and recent evolutions

The popularity of virtual games is also based on the typical and intrinsic characteristics that have decreed the success over the years of managerial games, the so-called fantasy games that are considered the forerunners of virtual sports; think for example of the countless leagues of fantasy games and their imitations in the world of soccer but gradually have multiplied and reproduced in other sports, from tennis to basketball, but also skiing, motorsport and cycling.

A further element of extreme adherence to reality is without doubt the possibility of consulting the calendar with a series of events: once the preferred discipline has been selected, the bets are placed and the event can be watched.

A popularity, that of virtual games, which is growing during the lockdown phase in which most of the competitions in every corner of the globe have been suspended for a long time. Of the "virtual" ones, the player appreciates the fact that the odds are not influenced by other bookmakers and by unpredictable elements such as weather, injuries, human errors and conditionings and the sudden changes of the competition fields.

How Virtual Games Work: Algorithm vs Reality

Differently from betting based on real events, the outcome of virtual bets is determined randomly by an algorithm certified by ADM (Agenzia dei Monopoli e delle Dogane); however, just as with real events, the odds of the competitions of individual disciplines are created so that competitors with a higher probability of being drawn have lower odds and vice versa.

This contributes to the introduction of very realistic scenario elements as well as manageriality into the game even though the odds for the bets remain mostly based on probabilistic elements.

At the end of the game, you can find the button dedicated to the results: the images of the simulated race that usually lasts no more than 1 minute are transmitted: the graphics are very clear and you can appreciate the similarity with the real competitions that are proposed on normal television screens.

On all virtual events, depending on the discipline and the type of event, the following fixed odds bets may be available: single and multiple. Live events are not available.

Liberogioco: the gaming/entertainment portal of Libero.it

Among the many bookmakers on the market there is also Libero.it that thanks to its gaming portal LiberoGioco, offers a wide range of sports betting, live broadcasts, casino games and even virtual games; among the available competitions to choose from there are the following sports: Football, Car and Motorcycle Racing, Cycling, Horse Racing, Greyhounds and even Camels.

Every day, from 7:00 am to 3:00 am, you will have hundreds of simulated sports events to try out with one event every 3 minutes.