What do Emily in Paris and Sex and the City have in common

Emily, the protagonist of the Netflix show resembles the famous Carrie Bradshaw in so many ways, but are the two shows really on the same level? Here are all the details

Many have called the new Netflix TV series Emily in Paris a sort of Sex and The City in French sauce. And in fact, the two shows share the same creator, Darren Star, who has worked on numerous TV series since the 1990s, including Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place.

Emily in Paris and Sex and the City don't just share a creator, however, but those who have seen both have noticed constant references between one and the other. First of all, both Emily and Carrie have an unbridled passion for the French metropolis, where they decide to move and realize their dreams. In addition, both love fashion and have managed to build a personal style, inimitable. And in this case you can not fail to notice the contribution of costume designer Patricia Field, who worked on both TV series. Of course, the similarities do not stop there, and the authors are committed to showing the audience of Emily in Paris continuous references to Sex and the City. Let's see the main ones.

Emily in Paris: here are the Sex and The City quotes

Watching the show starring Lily Collins that debuted on Netflix in October you can notice several moments that wink at the series with Sarah Jessica Parker. The plot of Emily in Paris is inspired by the season in which Carrie moves to Paris, but is then joined by Mr. Big who convinces her to return to New York.

What if she had made the opposite choice by staying in France instead? Maybe she would have made a career, met a new love and new friends, just as happens in Emily in Paris, which many see as a kind of alternative ending for Carrie.

Patricia Field has in fact revealed that many of the costumes worn by Emily are inspired by those of Carrie, in particular the black dress with the tulle skirt is a clear reference to the one worn by the protagonist of Sex and The City in one of the final episodes set in Paris.

Another reference, which always concerns style, is that of Emily's earrings: they have her name in italics and recall the necklace worn by Carrie, which has since become a must for all fashionistas.

Emily, moreover, is often the protagonist of disasters, which make the series more fun and she much more sympathetic. This work was also done with the famous Carrie: falls, stains on expensive clothes, shoes ruined due to the needs of a dog, are all moments that recur in both the show.

Emily in Paris and Sex and the City are really on the same level?

There is a large segment of the public that turns up its nose when faced with the alleged comparison between the two TV series, and it is particularly those who loved Sex and The City, a work that has characterized a generation at the turn of the nineties and the 2000s, which has been able to tell themes related to love, sex, friendship as no content had done up to that time.

Emily in Paris, on the other hand, merely recalls some elements, but does not reach the depth, which is why, more than recalls it is preferable to speak of real "homages" to the revolutionary series that tells the lives of four New York friends.

But where can you see Sex and the City streaming? The six seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video, while on Netflix you can see the two film transpositions. As mentioned above, also on Netflix, the first season of Emily in Paris was also released.