What does VF IT IoRestoACasa mean on smartphones with Vodafone

Vodafone has decided to replace its name in the space of the smartphone dedicated to the mobile operator with a message reminding users to stay at home

The mobile operator Vodafone Italy sends a message to its users, to invite them to stay at home, and conspiracy theories are triggered. It seems absurd, but that's how it is: in recent hours on some smartphones with Vodafone SIM card has changed the name of the operator "Vodafone Italy", replaced by the words "VF IT IoRestoACasa".

The problem is that, in the face of many people who have simply ignored the change and someone who has appreciated it, there are also those who on the official forum of Vodafone Italy are complaining advancing the most disparate conspiracy thesis. Yet, Vodafone's initiative is simple and has an absolutely clear purpose: to invite its users to stay home and respect the social distancing measures imposed by the government to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

What does "VF IT IoRestoACasa"

No message that hides conspiracy theories, but simply an initiative of Vodafone to show its support and closeness to the daily work of nurses, doctors, police and all those who in these days are working on the front lines to stem the infection from Covid-19. Vodafone's initiative follows what has already been done in the USA by mobile operators: instead of the name of the network, a message inviting citizens to stay at home.

A simple but effective way to get a very simple message to everyone: stay at home, especially in this period in which the curve of the infection seems to be slowly decreasing. Despite the extreme simplicity of the message, some people have glimpsed something conspiratorial and have expressed it on the Vodafone forum.

VF IT IoRestoACasa: the conspiratorial thesis

The new writing that appears on cell phones with Vodafone SIM visibly recalls the well-known hashtag #IoRestoACasa, but just go to the Vodafone community site to find several messages from users asking about this news. Then, however, there are the comments of other users: "It 's clearly a move (surely "suggested" by the government) to instill even more fear to the people, the series <If I can change the writing, I can also track you> which by the way is absolutely real ...", or "It 'a form of control to know if we move or stay at home?", or "What sense does it make? There are other ways to get the authorities' message across... And why? It's not like the official name of the provider is an advertisement or a hashtag...". Logically, none of this is true, but it is a laudable initiative to get the #IoRestoACasa message across to the greatest number of people.

Vodafone Italy: digital solidarity

Since the first days of the coronavirus emergency Vodafone Italy has been adhering to the Digital Solidarity campaign. To Vodafone users between 14 and 26 years old, presumably students, Vodafone has offered unlimited Giga to continue studying from home. The offer is free and is activated by calling 42100, then automatically deactivated after one month. Similar measure also for business users with VAT number, but they must wait for the automatic SMS from the operator to activate the free Giga.