What happens when we block a contact on WhatsApp?

What happens when we decide to block a user on WhatsApp? Here's a guide that answers all your doubts

What to do when a contact keeps sending you messages you don't want to read like chain letters and fake news? If it's a close friend, talk to them quite clearly and tell them that you don't like receiving these kinds of messages, while if it's just an acquaintance you have a very powerful weapon at your disposal: block the contact.

WhatsApp offers users the possibility to block a phone number so that they will no longer receive its messages, calls and any other kind of content that you can send through the instant messaging application. This is a very powerful tool and to be used only in extreme cases, when the relationship with the other person is practically nil. In any other case, our suggestion is to try to mend the relationship. If you have any doubts about what happens when you block a user on WhatsApp, in this guide you will find an answer to all your doubts.

How to block a contact on WhatsApp

Let's start with the basics. How to block a user on WhatsApp? There are two different ways we can follow, both very simple.

The first way to block a user on WhatsApp is to enter the conversation, press on the three vertical dots and from the menu that will open select More. At this point, press on Block and a confirmation message will appear on the screen. If you press "Block", the contact will be blocked.

The other way to blacklist a number is to enter Settings, then Account, Privacy and press Blocked Contacts. It will open a page with the list of people already blocked (if any) and the possibility to add others by clicking on the little man icon. At this point you will see a list of all the contacts on WhatsApp and just select the person you want to block to add them to the list.

What happens if I block a person on WhatsApp

You have blocked a contact on WhatsApp. What happens now? What are the consequences? Let's start with the most important news: if you block a user, he will never know about it. When you block a person, no notification is sent to him about it.

By putting a contact on your personal blacklist, you will no longer receive his messages, videos and images. And similarly, we cannot receive his calls and video calls. If by chance he tries to send us a message, the "tick" will always remain gray. Logically, if you block a contact, you can't send him messages, check his status and last access, see his updated profile photo.

Likewise, a blocked contact can't check our profile and see our status and last access time. At any time we can unblock the contact, but you won't get the messages they sent us previously.