What happens when you block someone on Instagram

Blocking a user on Instagram can come in especially handy if you want to disappear from the radar of someone who annoys you. But what exactly happens?

Since it was born in 2010, Instagram has established itself in the landscape of social networks arriving, thanks to the firepower of Facebook who bought it in 2012, to have over a billion users. And when social networks become big, they also become problematic.

You've surely happened to have one or more annoying followers on Instagram, to receive unwanted messages on Instagram Direct or even, but we hope not, to be stalked or bullied on this platform. To cope with all this, the main tool is one: block the profile that annoys you. A bit like in all other social networks, in fact, also on Instagram you can block users who do not please you, but what happens when you block someone on Instagram?

Is your profile searchable by those you have blocked?

No, at least after a while. It's possible that, due to the caching of Instagram's servers, when you block a person she can still search and find your profile. But after a few days she won't be able to find you anymore.

Can a blocked user see your profile?

Yes, all the time. For example, if both you and he follow a third profile and comment on the same posts, both of you will see the comments and reactions to the post posted by everyone, including you two. However, if the user you blocked tries to access your profile by clicking, or tapping, on it within a comment then he will be faced with a half-empty screen. He will be able to see your username, your profile picture, your bio and your followers and followers account, but he will not see any of your posts or stories. For the same reason, the blocked user will also see if you change your profile picture (and partner?).

What happens to likes and comments

They all stay where they are: Instagram doesn't delete anything when you block a person. If that user, before the block, commented on one of your posts that comment will remain.

Can a user I blocked tag me?

Yes, they can, but you won't get any notification. Of course, the same goes for mentions in comments. The only way you can stop yourself from being tagged or mentioned is to change your username (and not tell them).

What happens if you block someone on Instagram Direct

If you block a profile on Instagram you also block them on Direct. Neither you nor he will be able to see the old messages you've exchanged but, it sounds strange but it's true, you'll be able to send each other new ones. You just won't see them until you unblock them later.

Can someone I've blocked see if I'm online?

Since Instagram launched the feature that allows you to see the last activity done on the app, many have wondered if a blocked user can figure out the status of the person who blocked them. The answer is no.

What happens to group chats

When you block a user, group chats on Direct behave pretty much like private ones: the blocked person no longer sees your messages and vice versa. But old messages, in this case, remain visible.

If you block someone for comments, will they be able to see your posts?

Yes, if you enable comment blocking for a user on Instagram, that person will still continue to see your posts. They just won't be able to comment on them.

Does Instagram send block notifications?

No, Instagram doesn't send any notification to the blocked user. And if you want to know if some user has blocked you, you can only go and look for him in the comments of some post and access his profile (see above). If in the past you exchanged messages on Direct, you won't see them anymore.

What happens when you unblock a user

When you block a user, Instagram automatically removes the follow. If after some time you unblock that profile, then, you will have to put the follow back and so will he.