What happens when you delete WhatsApp

Sick of WhatsApp? Find out what happens if you delete the application from your smartphone or delete your WhatsApp account permanently

WhatsApp is a very useful application but it can also become dangerous. Especially if you are not able to control to understand the difference between online and offline life. For young people, WhatsApp can become an all-encompassing application that alienates them from reality and forces them to always live with their eyes on the smartphone.

If you can no longer stand the noise of notifications and group messages, you have the option to delete WhatsApp or delete the application from your smartphone. If you think that just deleting the app is enough to make you lose your tracks on WhatsApp, you are wrong. To delete all your data you need to delete WhatsApp account and follow all the steps suggested by the application. If you have any doubts about deleting WhatsApp, we suggest you read our guide in which we explain what happens when you delete your personal profile.

The difference between deleting the app and deleting WhatsApp profile

Deleting the app from your smartphone and deleting WhatsApp account are not the same thing. They are two different actions with completely different implications.

If we delete WhatsApp from our smartphone we will temporarily lose access to our profile, we will no longer be able to send messages or receive them. But our account will remain active and other users will be able to continue to see our profile picture and our status, knowing the time of the last time we logged in. By reinstalling the application and following the procedure for verifying your profile, we will receive all the messages and calls missed during the period in which we have deactivated the account.

If we decide to delete WhatsApp accounts we will lose our message history, we will be deleted from groups and our profile will be hidden and no one will be able to steal our profile picture.

The second option is much more drastic and will eliminate all our ties with WhatsApp. In case we decide to return to the application in the future, we will be forced to create a new account.

What happens to old messages if you delete WhatsApp

If you delete WhatsApp from your smartphone, the messages remain saved in the cloud and can be restored via backup if we decide to install the application again. For Android users, messages are saved on Google Drive, and on iOS on iCloud.

What happens to photos and videos if you delete WhatsApp

Deleting WhatsApp from your smartphone doesn't mean deleting all the content you've received. Images, videos and documents will remain saved in the device's memory and we can access them at any time by accessing the file manager or the phone's gallery.

What happens to WhatsApp groups if you delete the application

Deleting WhatsApp from your smartphone will not delete you from the groups you were in, nor will you lose your admin role. In case you decide to delete your WhatsApp account, however, you will lose any role and you will also be removed from groups.

How to delete WhatsApp account

To delete your WhatsApp profile you need to access the application, click on Settings and then Account. A new page will open and you will have to tap on the "Delete Account" item. At this point WhatsApp will ask you to enter the phone number and confirm the deletion of the profile.