What is and how does Facebook’s “Feed Explore” feature work

Facebook has introduced a feature on the Feed Explore app that allows you to read news and posts from pages we don't follow, but might like

Facebook has been moving a lot in early 2017 to add new features for its users. From the fight against hoaxes, to the algorithm against suicide attempts, to the introduction of Stories. And in the same period it also launched the new feature, calledĀ Feed Explore.

The new feature, Feed Explore, serves in a particular way to simplify the navigation of the subscribers in the news section, what in jargon is known as News Feed. In practice, the new feature allows you to view on your profile articles, photos and videos published by users or pages that you do not follow. The data collected is proposed to users based on their interests. Feed Explore was tested first on iOS platform and then on Android, but now it is available for all users. The social network's algorithm also shows how many people among friends have looked at or left a like, or a "reaction", to the content.

Feed Explore on Android

The new feature, as anticipated, will be available exclusively for mobile users and only on the application. Therefore, it will not be usable from the browser page or even from the website for computers and notebooks. If we own an Android smartphone, finding the Feed Explore feature within Facebook is very simple. Just go to the Menu item (located in the upper right corner), then select Favorites and finally click on the Explore Feeds section.

Explore Feeds on iOS

If on the contrary we have an iPhone we have to open Facebook and scroll down to the menu. In the page that will open we check the Favorites section where we will notice the Feed Explore feature. It is possible, both on Android and iOS, that the new feature is not present on our account. This means that we need to update the application. To do so, we just need to go to the App Store or Google Play Store and click on the Update item within the page dedicated to the famous social media.