What is Android System Webview and what is it for

Here are the features of Android System Webview, what is its main task and the reasons why it is essential for Android devices.

Have you ever wondered what is Android System Webview? It may be that you have recently found a required update on this app or you have never heard of it. Either way, Android System Webview is a core component of many Android devices and their operating systems.

What is Android System Webview

Android System Webview is for all intents and purposes a system app belonging to all Android smartphones. What does system app mean? Simply that it is not a normal app that you can easily identify with an icon, but an app that remains hidden and is not directly usable. Despite this, its importance is crucial.

The primary task of the Android System Webview is to allow access to the web browser in-app. This means that such an application is crucial to enable Internet access through an app. An example? Try to think about Facebook. How many links pointing to external sites are there? Android System Webview is the application that allows exactly this kind of activity: the transition from the Facebook page to the website (for example) of Libero Tecnologia, by clicking on the link shared in the post.

Why is Android System Webview important?

Now that we have ascertained how Android System Webview is the application able to show the web content inside your apps let's try to understand the reasons why it is so important. First and foremost is efficiency. For an Android smartphone, using a proprietary app provides greater security and speed to web access, as opposed to what could happen by using a third-party app. Secondly, the Android System Webview allows for extremely agile navigation. For example, if you switch from the app to the web, you can return to the primary source with a simple tap. Finally, the built-in Android application allows you to take advantage of various functions: save a page as a favorite, share it via chat or social networks, or switch directly to the desktop version (with the use of a more comprehensive web browser).

How to update Android System Webview

Android System Webview is a real application, and to ensure that it works properly, it must be constantly updated. How to do that? The first step is to go to the Google Play Store app and search for Android System Webview. Here you can check if there is a recent update to be made; if so, just click "Update" to proceed to the action. Once the update is complete, the operating system will automatically use the new version for any app-to-web transitions.

ASW: can it be deleted?

Many users wonder if it is possible to delete Android System Webview. The reason is simply explained: to free up space. Is it possible? It depends on the versions. In versions prior to Android Nougat (Android 7), deletion was not possible. Being within these smartphones a system app ASW could not be deleted from the device.

With the latest updates and with the advent of Android Nougat instead you can remove the app. This is because in these new versions Google leverages Chrome as a WebView app, effectively limiting the centrality of Android System Webview. However, in terms of performance, the built-in Android app is always faster than Chrome.