What is Apple presenting on September 12?

Apple will unveil the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max in a dedicated event on September 12, 2018, but Cupertino may have some surprises in store

Apple is set for its official event on September 12, 2018. The meeting with tech and media enthusiasts will be the opportunity to present the new 2018 iPhones to the world. Or, more accurately, 5.8-inch iPhone Xs and 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max.

But what should we expect from Apple's September 12 event? According to several sources inside Cupertino during the fall event, scheduled this time at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, the U.S. company will not just display the two new top-of-the-line smartphones. Thus, there will be some surprises that Apple has in store for its loyal consumers. For example, the launch of the iPhone Xr or iPhone 9, the "cheap" version of the new iPhones with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. For a long time it was thought that Apple could launch this smartphone in a separate event than the one on September 12, especially not to take away visibility from the two top-of-the-line models. But in the end, the U.S. company has changed its mind, on the stage of Apple Park most likely we will also see the iPhone 9. But here's in detail what to expect from the Apple event.

How to see the Apple event on September 12 in live streaming

If we wanted to follow the live streaming of the Apple event we can connect on September 12, 2018 to the official Apple website around 19, which is the Italian time in which the presentation should begin. To follow the live streaming we will have to use the Safari browser on Apple devices or Microsoft Edge from Pc Windows 10.

iPhone Xs

The stars of the event, needless to turn around, will be almost exclusively the new iPhones 2018. In the "classic" model iPhone Xs and in the phablet iPhone Xs Max. It will be a device with an OLED screen and a slightly more elegant design, since it will be even thinner, but still very similar to the last iPhone X. On board we will find a new processor, the A12, with 20-30% improved performance compared to current Apple smartphones. It seems that the charger may feature a USB-C connector, an advantage that allows fast charging without having to buy a separate cable, as is the case on the iPhone X. The iPhone Xs will mount a dual rear camera metre, although there are no official sources to confirm this yet, the iPhone Xs Max will have a triple rear sensor. Apple may also allow the iPhone Xs Max to run two apps side-by-side, as if it were a small iPad. The two phones are expected to hit the market in gold, white and gray colors while as far as iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max prices are concerned, they range from 909 euros for iPhone Xs to 1,149 for iPhone Xs Max.

iPhone Xr or iPhone 9

One of the big surprises at Apple's event on September 12, 2018 could be the low-cost iPhone. We are talking about a model with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, with built-in FaceID and the notch on the display. The phone could be Dual-Sim and will be released in different colors including blue, red and orange, in addition to the classic Apple colors. The rear camera will be of a single sensor. The price is expected to be around 799 euros.

Apple Watch Series 4

It's already been a while that Apple is ready to launch the Series 4 of its smartwatches. That's why it's very likely that Cupertino will eventually take advantage of the event at Apple Park to introduce its new line of smartwatches to the public as well. The biggest new feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 will be the screens, which are indeed much larger than in the past. The display should have 384 x 480 resolution and the bezels will be bevelled at the sides. There will be only two physical buttons.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is Apple's cheapest laptop and is therefore still one of Cupertino's most popular devices. But it is, compared to other laptops of the moment, a bit outdated. That's why many expect Apple on September 12 to also unveil one or more MacBook Air. Sources close to Cupertino, however, are skeptical about this scenario. Usually, in fact, Apple takes advantage of its Worldwide Developers Conference event, which was held in June in 2018, to announce new notebooks. Seeing the MacBook Air on stage in Silicon Valley would therefore be a surprise.

Mac Mini

The same argument made for the MacBook Air also applies to the Mac Mini, a device that hasn't received a lineup update since even before Cupertino's budget laptops. The smallest computer ever created by Apple (it's about the size of a box of cookies) has now obsolete features, which make it unsuitable for professional use. What will Apple do then? Will it respond positively to the requests of its customers, presenting on September 12 a new Mac Mini or will it take other paths?

iPad Pro

In the last days on the Net there have been a series of videos on the rendering of a new iPad Pro that Apple would intend to launch on September 12, 2018. It will be an iPad with FaceID and a very sleek design with smooth, rounded edges. Will it be real?

New AirPods

Most likely, on stage at Apple Park we will see the new AirPods, Cupertino's wireless headphones. The new model will be waterproof and will have a closer interaction with Siri artificial intelligence. Who we will definitely not see at the Apple event is the new Mac Pro. Apple has announced that before 2019 it won't launch it, however at the September 12 event it will show a teaser video about it.