What is it and how does Omegle anonymous chat work

Omegle anonymous and private chat is available in web and app version and allows you to talk to strangers or read their messages with spy mode.

Talk to Stranger is the slogan of Omegle, the video chat that connects two strangers. Created in 2008 by an eighteen-year-old American who wanted to allow lonely people to talk to each other, it has become famous worldwide. It started as a 1-to-1 text chat, that is, between two people at a time, identified simply as You and Stranger.

How does Omegle video chat work?

Omegle is an anonymous video chat, so you don't need to register, you don't need to provide personal information or email address, you don't need to choose nickname or personal status, it's all very simple. It is sufficient to connect to the site and choose whether to start a text chat or one with webcam, to see the user with whom you are chatting. The use of Omegle is prohibited for people under 13 years old, while those under 18 years old must be accompanied by adults.

Also, it has a control service of the contents exchanged between users that ban the IP of those who show nudity through the webcam. All this is to safeguard the chat from any obscenity. Omegle's popularity over the years has grown so much that it has over 150,000 users connected simultaneously. For some time now to allow users to use the service from mobile, Omegle is also available through applications for Android smartphones and iPhone.

How to use Omegle video chat?

It is easy to use Omegle video chat via the official website or the iOS app. As we mentioned before there is also an Android app, but you need to download the APK and we'll explain later how to do that. Here's what you need to do to talk to people you don't know:

Go to Omegle.com

Starting to use Omegle is very simple, you just need to go to the site where you'll find different options to chat. Before starting a conversation with a stranger you must read the terms of use of the service at the bottom of the home page.

Choose whether to start a text or video chat

On the home page of the site at the bottom right you will find the entry Start chatting with two options: Text and Video. The first allows you to converse with a stranger via text, while the second allows you to see and hear the other person. Choose the option you prefer to start communicating. Remember that for video chat, you need to turn on your computer's webcam and microphone.

Start chatting

Once you choose the chat type, you'll be instantly connected with a stranger. You can communicate with the other person by typing your messages into the chat bar and pressing the Enter key on your computer, or by clicking Send in the bottom right corner. If you have chosen video chat, you will be able to see and hear the stranger in the video section on the left side of the screen.

Click Stop when you finish chatting

When you finish a conversation with a stranger, press the Stop button in the lower left corner of the screen. The text on the button will change to Really?. Press it again to confirm your decision and end the chat. Remember that you can stop a conversation at any time.

The options you find in the web version are the same as in the mobile version: normal chat and spy mode. Con la prima puoi parlare con una persona a caso di quello che vuoi, sempre con la possibilità di scegliere un’altra persona a caso se la prima ti annoia.

Nella modalità spy devi invece formulare una domanda, che dà inizio a una conversazione tra due sconosciuti. Tu non puoi intervenire nella conversazione e, quando una delle due persone si disconnette, inizia un’altra conversazione con altre due persone a caso. Tutto quello che puoi fare è leggere i loro messaggi.

Come scaricare Omegle per Android

L’app di Omegle per Android non è disponibile su Play Store, ma se ti interessa scaricarla comunque sul tuo dispositivo hai bisogno dell’APK. Per poter installare l’app dovrai attivare in Impostazioni > Sicurezza> Origini sconosciute. Una volta fatto sarai in grado di installare l’applicazione sul tuo dispositivo Android.

Se decidi di usare questo servizio ti consigliamo di:

  • non condividere informazioni personali;
  • non visitare i collegamenti esterni;
  • non accettare di incontrare qualcuno di persona;
  • disconnettiti se ti senti a disagio con qualcuno in chat.

Ora sei pronto per conoscere nuove persone attraverso la video chat Omegle.