What is it and how does Tivùsat work

Tivùsat is the free alternative to watch digital terrestrial channels without problems. Here's how it works and which channels are available

Free TV doesn't just mean digital terrestrial TV, just as satellite TV doesn't just mean Sky. Not everyone knows it, but there is also Tivùsat, a satellite platform on which dozens of free TV and radio channels are transmitted, managed by Tivù s.r.l. which is a company owned by Rai, Mediaset, Telecom Italia Media, Associazione TV Locali and Aeranti Corallo.

Tivùsat, in fact, was created mainly to bring the TV signal where radio waves do not arrive, in those areas difficult to cover with the digital terrestrial signal. But also those areas where the population is small, and it is not convenient for anyone to spend to install a TV repeater. Satellite technology, on the other hand, makes it possible to overcome both limits: it reaches everywhere and costs relatively little to those who transmit, because the costs of the installation are borne by those who want to see the television broadcasts. To do all this, however, you need a minimum technical equipment, similar to that of other satellite TV.

What you need to watch Tivùsat

Treating of satellite transmissions, you need the dish: a normal satellite system, oriented by the technician in order to receive the signal from the satellite Eutelsat 13 East. And, like any satellite installation, the signal will then be passed by a Tivùsat certified decoder. Then all that is needed is a Tivùsat card, to be inserted into the decoder and activated (via the website or a phone call to 06.891895) to decode the channels broadcast on the platform. There are also televisions with an integrated certified decoder, which can be identified by the logos "lativù4K" or "tivùsat4K" and which only require the card to work with the platform. Once the system has been set up and activated, it is not necessary to take out any subscription to watch television.

What can be seen on Tivùsat

The range of channels broadcast on Tivùsat is very wide and, for the most part, coincides with that available on digital terrestrial television. The television channels broadcast on the platform are 117, of which 52 are in HD and 6 in 4K (which obviously require a TV compatible with this resolution). The channels dedicated to radio, however, are 46. If the decoder is compatible, then it is also possible to access the on-demand services of Tivùon and record what we want and then watch it again at your leisure. There is also the Tivùlink service, which allows us to use the on-demand services of Rai, Mediaset, La7 and Infinity. Finally, the Tivùsat program guide is also available through the free app for Android and iOS.