What is it and how to download Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is the lighter version of the app of the famous social network and is useful for those who have few gigs available or slow internet connection.

Not everyone knows that for several years, that is, since June 2016 is available Facebook Lite version, a real version of Facebook light, that is smaller and lighter than the standard one. Initially, this version of Fb Lite was designed for low-end smartphones and for countries where the internet connection is often limited and the phones used not very powerful and with little memory, such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea and UAE. Obviously in these places it has taken a big foot, so much so that from the following year, precisely from February 9, it was possible to download the Facebook Lite app also in Italy on almost all Android devices.

Not surprisingly, today there are millions of users of the lightened version of the social. Techcrunch had the opportunity to interview the product manager of Facebook Lite Vijay Shankar, who explained the reason why the new Lite app was born. First of all, Facebook aims to expand its user base, to one day reach 2 billion. To do this, Facebook had set the goal of trying to optimize its flagship apps to load pages faster and consume less data.

What is Facebook Lite

As mentioned earlier, Fb Lite is a lightened version of social. To get a better idea, let's think in numbers: this app weighs less than a mega, specifically 250kb, unlike the classic Facebook mobile download, which weighs about 30 megabytes. Obviously, the difference lies in the features, not all of which are present in the light version of Facebook, the development team had to modify the code to make the software manage content in a different way than the standard version.

Thanks to these technical features, Fb Lite can not only be downloaded much faster and uses less memory space, it manages to load content much faster. We can't forget that the Facebook Lite app is so light that it can run just fine even on a sub-2G network, so great if we're in places - like vacation spots - where the network isn't stable and fast. So far in Facebook Lite reviews, few users have complained.

How to download the Facebook Lite app

Before we find out why it might be worth downloading the Facebook Lite app, let's see how to download Facebook for free for mobile, how to install it on Android or other smartphones or tablets. Like the traditional version of the social, Facebook Lite Italy is absolutely free. If we have an Android device, we just need to go to the Google Play Store, search for the desired app and download it, as for all the others. If instead the device is iOS and we want to download Fb Lite on the phone, we must access the App Store and look for it there. Unfortunately, however, the light version of Facebook for iOS is only available in certain geographical areas.

Why choose Facebook Lite Italy

Surely there are several advantages: being a version of social definitely lighter, has the advantage of using a much smaller amount of mobile data, especially useful when we do not have a WiFi network available.

Also, even if we have a low-end smartphone is ideal, since it occupies a very small storage space.

Who is recommended then Facebook Lite? For those who have a few gigs available in their phone plan and don't want to risk paying extra to add traffic to their phone, or for those who don't use Facebook much - so they only need a few features - and don't want to take up a lot of memory space with this app. Obviously, the main functions of the social network are the same as the standard version: you can send messages with your friends, create group conversations, scroll through your wall, receive notifications about your posts, share and update your status and photos.

When Facebook Lite doesn't work on your phone

First of all, as we said, if you're using an iOS device, Facebook Lite may not work. It may happen that even if we download Facebook Lite on Android smartphones or tablets, it may stop working: what to do? It's not always easy to understand why Facebook for Android doesn't work, but it can be useful to delete the app from the phone and download it again: generally the problem can be solved automatically.