What is Lycamobile, the prepaid for international calls

To make calls to Europe or any other country in the world, the offers of the virtual operator Lycamobile are one of the best solutions, here's how it works

Virtual operators continue to spread, gaining particular popularity in recent years. Lycamobile is a mobile virtual operator, active in more than 20 countries around the world. Its target audience is mainly residents of the country where it operates. The target is mainly users living in cities outside their national borders, who need to get in touch with friends and relatives who are particularly distant. Può essere una buona soluzione però anche per un libero professionista che per lavoro effettua numerose chiamate all’estero al mese. Oltre ai servizi di telefonia, non a caso, Lycamobile offre anche una serie di strumenti finanziari per l’invio di denaro in altri Paesi e ha un’agenzia di viaggio per aiutare gli stranieri a tornare nella propria nazione d’origine.

Lycamobile è un’azienda fondata a Londra nel 2006 e, con un fatturato superiore ai 2 miliardi di euro, è il più grande operatore virtuale al mondo. La società offre dei piani voce e dati in alcuni Paesi in 3G e in altri (tra cui l’Italia) anche in 4G. Nel nostro mercato l’approdo è avvenuto nel 2009, appoggiandosi inizialmente alla rete Tre Italia. Dal 2013 invece gli accordi sono stati modificati, legandosi a Vodafone.
Le offerte sono disponibili unicamente in modalità prepagata. For years it has been the first virtual operator in Italy, but after the birth of many other similar services has dropped to fourth place with just over 900 thousand users.

Lycamobile Italy: rates and offers

To activate a SIM Lycamobile we can connect to the company's website or go to one of the physical stores present throughout the Italian territory. Despite being a service mainly dedicated to international calls, you can keep your phone number. By operating the portability you will also get 10 euros of credit, spread over four months.

The Lycamobile offers are varied, considering that there are offers that combine calls, sms and gigs for each country where the service is active. However, there are also rates that we can define as standard, useful for those who are not interested in directing their calls to a single location, making calls to users around the world.

Lycamobile: app and recharge

Recharging a Lycamobile SIM is quite simple. You can do it through the operator's website or in a physical store. Through the site you can add minutes to particular countries that are not present in our monthly plan or completely change the offer subscribed.

To manage their tariff plan, Lycamobile users can access the MyLycamobile section on the company's website. Through the dedicated section, we will be able to check our remaining credit on the portal, monitor the traffic consumed and also change our tariff plan or subscribe to an additional service.

Lycamobile: how to top up from Italy and abroad

If you are in Italy and want to top up your Lycamobile SIM card, just type *131*PIN# and press enter: in this way the top-up will be credited immediately. Calling 40321, on the other hand, you will be able to follow the voice instructions to top up your SIM card: a simple procedure that will only take you a few minutes.

If you are abroad and need to top up your Lycamobile number, simply call +39 351 000 1321 and follow the voice commands, or if not, go to the app (or the website) and top up online.