What is PosteMobile, offers of the telephone operator of Poste

Poste Mobile is the virtual operator of Poste Italiane, counts almost 4 million active lines and has several mobile offers, here's how to activate and recharge the SIM

In recent times in Italy there is a great proliferation of new virtual operators of mobile telephony. One of the most popular and structured is certainly Poste Mobile, the telephone company of the Italian Post Office.

The PosteMobile rates are quite varied and, therefore, able to satisfy different types of customers. For example, there are exclusive plans for Internet, plans complete with voice, SMS and gigs for our smartphone and also offers designed for home phones. Unlike many other operators such as Kena, Rabona or Iliad, to name a few, with Poste Mobile we can choose rechargeable offers or to subscribe to a subscription plan. In addition to the consumer side, PosteMobile also has several plans for the business side. The distinctive feature of PosteMobile is that it offers a range of financial and information services of m-payment, m-banking and m-commerce, usable through the association of the PosteMobile SIM with one of the payment instruments of the Poste Italiane group.

What is PosteMobile

Poste Mobile was born in November 2007 on the Vodafone network. In 2014, the virtual operator of Poste Italiane moved to the Wind network and since 2017, after the union of the Wind group with H3G, began to exploit the signal of these two companies. In Italy at the moment it is the largest mobile virtual operator: in December 2017 it had almost 4 million active lines. Oltre alle offerte prepagate e in abbonamento con Poste Mobile si può anche scegliere di acquistare un telefono associato al nostro piano tariffario.

Come attivare SIM PosteMobile

La SIM PosteMobile si può attivare in qualsiasi ufficio di Poste Italiane presente sul territorio italiano. Anche i punti vendita KiPoint sono autorizzati all’attivazione della SIM Poste Mobile, mentre per via telematica la SIM può essere attivata chiamando il numero verde 800.100.160. Se non sei ancora cliente Poste Mobile puoi richiedere la portabilità del tuo numero mobile al momento dell’attivazione di una SIM PosteMobile.
Il processo di portabilità dura 2 giorni lavorativi a partire dalla data di richiesta. Sino a quel momento potrai comunque utilizzare la SIM PosteMobile con il numero provvisorio assegnato. Puoi anche richiedere il trasferimento del credito residuo sulla tua nuova SIM PosteMobile. The credit transfer will take place within 8 working days from the completion of number portability.

PosteMobile rates and offers

Mobile rates, as mentioned, are divided into prepaid and subscription. The CreamiWOW offer provides 500 minutes of calls and 5GB of Internet for €7 per month. Those who need more gigs can instead think about the plan CreamiWOW10 which provides 1000 minutes of calls and, as you can guess from the name, 10GB of Internet. A middle ground is represented by the rate CreamiRevolution of PosteMobile, which always provides 1000 minutes of calls plus 7GB of Internet. The subscription plan Zero Pensieri Infinito has unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and 1GB of Internet for 34 euros per month.

How to recharge PosteMobile

Making a recharge with Poste Mobile is really easy. And we will have a lot of methods to complete the recharge. The easiest is definitely through the PosteMobile application. If we are at the Post Office, however, we can recharge at the counter, or at the cash machine with BancoPosta and Bancomat. The PosteMobile SIM can also be recharged online on the Poste Italiane website or through CartaSì.

The Post Mobile app

The Poste Mobile app, in addition to recharging, can be useful to check the remaining traffic and the consumption of our monthly plan. In addition, through the app we can add Giga to our offer or directly change the pricing plan.