What is Teamviewer and how does it work

In this article we will explain what are the features of Teamviewer remote control software, how it works and what operations it can perform.

Of the remote control software, Teamviewer is probably one of the most used. Indeed, this platform lets you carry out various functions remotely, such as starting downloads and programs from another PC. Knowing how Teamviewer works is a curiosity of many people, since it is a software that can satisfy even complex needs.

How to connect to Teamviewer? The answer is simple: this program provides you with an ID name (thus a user profile) and a corresponding password. These two items can be used, in combination with the credentials of another user of the platform, to take or leave control of the PC, remotely commanding any computer operation.

Teamviewer without installation is very easy to use and is available for the main operating systems not only for PCs, but also smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the basic version of the program is free of charge and can be useful at the amateur level to perform basic functions for personal goals. On the other hand, the online business packages have different price ranges, depending on the desired services and budget.

How Teamviewer works

The first necessary step is to download the program to your device. To do so, simply go to the official website and download the free version, which can later be supplemented with paid packages for commercial purposes.

Teamviewer for Windows will be downloaded as an .exe file that you will have to open and install, starting the process through the "private/non-commercial purposes" item. Once you have accepted the conditions, you can proceed and finish the installation of the program by following the guide.

Installing Teamviewer for Mac, on the other hand, the package will be in .dmg format. In this case too, you have to open the file, start it by clicking on "Install Teamviewer" and continue the installation process by clicking on "Accept" and then "Install" and "Close".

In both cases, after downloading the program, you need to know how to connect to Teamviewer. Appena aperto il software sarà possibile trovare l’ID e la password con le quali potersi registrare e avviare il programma, nonché permettere ad altri di prendere controllo del PC.

Teamviewer desktop: come funziona

Imparare come funziona Teamviewer è piuttosto semplice. Per permettere ad altri utenti di controllare il proprio PC desktop è necessario avviare il programma, comunicare le proprie credenziali all’altro utente e attendere. In poco tempo l’altra persona potrà muovere il mouse e avere controllo del PC e dei software installati.

Nel caso contrario, se si desidera sapere come collegarsi a Teamviewer e prendere controllo di un altro computer, bisogna seguire alcuni semplici passaggi ovvero:

  • verificare lo stato della connessione;
  • selezionare la voce “Controllo Remoto" con relativa spunta;
  • inserire l’ID dell’utente del PC da controllare;
  • cliccare su “Collegamento con l’interlocutore" e inserire la password comunicata.

For Teamviewer to work, you need credentials, an Internet connection and, of course, the installation of the program on the desired PC or device.

What is Teamviewer for

This software offers the possibility to perform many tasks, not only to remotely access and take control of another PC, but also to provide remote support and connect different devices.

In particular, understanding how Teamviewer works is useful for remote assistance work. With this program IT professionals are able to find out what the problems are related to a malfunction, without having to physically go to the owner of the damaged PC. Simply with the internet connection it is possible to perform a diagnostic of a device, not only a notebook but also smartphones and tablets, at any time.

Also, as anticipated, the ability to enter the PC and take control of operations online allows companies to provide support not only to their employees but also to customers. The support service is in this way even more extensive and secure.