What is the best Android antivirus

According to the results of the AV-TEST, there are nine antivirus programs on the Play Store that provide maximum protection. The worst the Play Protect by Google

Malware and viruses present on Android are increasing every day. Reports from IT security companies are reporting that there is an abnormal amount of hacker activity on Google's mobile operating system. Android smartphones are used by more than a billion people, and being an open-source operating system, it's easier for hackers to find holes to exploit.

In order for the virus to penetrate the smartphone, the complicity of the users is required, a simple distraction is enough to fall into the hacker's trap and find the phone locked by a ransomware or adware. This is why you need to install an antivirus on your Android smartphone. Many will tell you that it is useless, as they are inefficient. But this is actually not the case, as AV-TEST, a company specialized in testing antivirus for any type of platform, shows. Having a security application on your Android smartphone ensures greater protection against viruses and malware.

AV-TEST's results on the best Android antivirus

AV-TEST has conducted its research on twenty antivirus applications on the Google Play Store. And for most of them, the results were more than good. Only one, Google's Play Protect, showed much lower values than the other antivirus. This is a result that should give the Mountain View company pause for thought, as it needs to take action if it wants to guarantee maximum security for its users. Play Protect, in fact, was created by Google to ensure that all the applications on the online store are safe and do not hide viruses and malware. Play Protect only detected 62.9% of the malware in the AV-TEST: all other antivirus apps scored at least 97.7% (and nine antivirus apps scored 100%).

In total, the security apps that received the top score for protection and usability were nine: Antiy, AVG, Cheetah Mobile, G Data, PSafe, Sophos, Symantec, Tencent, Trend Micro. These apps also received an extra point for the features offered for device security. However, Android antivirus made by well-known companies such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab scored more than acceptable results, recognizing over 99.5% of the malware in the AV-TEST.