What is the class action against Facebook and who promotes it

After yet another scandal about a data leak by Facebook, the association Altroconsumo has decided to activate a class action against the social media

Altroconsumo, an Italian non-profit consumer association, has promoted a class action against the famous social network Facebook. The cause? The misuse that the platform would make of the data of users registered within it and the lack of security and privacy for them.

Altroconsumo, given the numerous cases of security holes and data leaks provided to third-party companies, which have followed since the birth of Facebook has asked the social media a compensation of about 200 euros per user registered to Mark Zuckerberg. The compensation could be even higher if the user has been subscribed to the platform for many years and could prove that over the years they have suffered one or more damages to their personal information due to a lack of cybersecurity in Facebook's systems. According to Altroconsumo, the figure reflects the indiscriminate use of private data and the moral damage that some people have received by seeing their information used illegally. The class action started because after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Altroconsumo expected a clear position from Facebook and instead in the last days a new case of data loss has exploded, leading the association to ask for damages.

Altroconsumo's class action against Facebook

Altroconsumo, together with similar associations in Belgium, Spain and Portugal, is leading this class action to ask that European consumers are compensated, that they are properly informed about the use of their data and that they can consciously choose at any time which of them to share. You can participate by signing the class-action on the site Altroconsumo, the only requirement is to be of age and have an active Facebook profile. In this first phase it is a pre-registration to the class-action waiting for a judge to decide if the claim against Facebook by some European countries can go ahead or not.