What is the difference between a laser printer or an inkjet printer?

The difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer is mainly related to the price, the type of cartridges used and the features offered

As you may have noticed, choosing the right printer for your home or office is not easy. There are, in fact, different types of printers and among the most popular ones, the dilemma is: is it better to buy one that uses the laser printing method or the "classic" one with inkjet printing?

Before seeing whether it is better to buy a laser or an inkjet printer according to the use you want to make of it, let's try to understand the characteristics and advantages of these two types of printing machines.

How does a laser printer work?

With regard to laser printers, the first thing to specify is that there are two types of models on the market, namely those that only allow printing and those that are multifunctional, capable of providing printing/scanning/copying. The solutions for only printing in black and white are quite inexpensive, while those that provide for the use of color are definitely more expensive.


Among the main advantages of a laser printer we definitely have the printing speed which is excellent. The print volume is also high, so much so that you can print thousands of pages per month without any problems. Maintenance is easy, as the toner lasts a long time, gets dirty very little and the print quality is really good.


Spare parts are rather expensive, the size is high and the noise can be excessive in some cases. Finally, it must be said that this type of inkless printer is not suitable for photographic printing.

How does an inkjet printer work?

Inkjet printers have a rather low purchase price. They are versatile devices, as there are basic models suitable for printing documents and more advanced solutions, perfect for photo printing.


In addition to the modest purchase price, the cartridges are also cheap, but it must be said that they allow you to print few pages. In addition, they are mostly compact, so they are easy to place, and simple to install and use.


Inkjet printers are quite slow in printing, maintenance is quite complex, and they do not allow for large print volumes, i.e. a few dozen sheets per day, with a maximum monthly load of 1.000-2,000 pages.

Better a laser or inkjet printer?

In many cases, especially if you only use the printer at home, the safest choice is the inkjet printer. Because it has a lower cost and the cartridges are cheaper. In addition, inkjet printers are more versatile. They print in a variety of ways and almost always have multiple functions, from fax to scanner to give examples. Likewise, if you want to print photographs, an inkjet printer is what you need.

Lasers, on the other hand, are perfect for the office, especially in case you need to print a lot of pages for work, as they are extremely fast and are equipped with technology designed to handle high workloads.

Another piece of advice worth giving is that you should be wary of products that are too cheap, as they may hide pitfalls. Also, it must be said that, in case the expected use of such a device is rather high, it is good to aim for quality printers, so that they are able to guarantee a good durability over time.