What is the flamingo pose, the new Instagram trend

The Flamingo Pose is the trend of summer 2019. Already many influencers have posted the #flamingopose photo on Instagram. Find out how to do it

The official start of summer is just around the corner. Like every year, with the arrival of the beautiful season also comes the new summer trend on Instagram. Last year, the so-called Bambi Pose dominated: influencers and girls from all over the world posted photos that portrayed them in a pose that resembled the sweet fawn from Disney.

For 2019, we still remain animal-themed, but instead of the tender fawns come the elegant and sinuous flamingos. The pink birds dictate and inspire the new trend called Flamingo Pose. The flamingo pose is already posted on the most important social networks in the world, Instagram in primis. The credit goes to the influencers, models, celebrities but also "normal" users who portray themselves in a pose similar to that of a flamingo, strictly dressed in a pink dress. Many girls are playing with this trend to post the perfect photo for the beginning of the summer season.

Flamingo Pose: elegant on Instagram as flamingos

Pink has always been considered the reference color of the new generations, that is, of all those born since two thousand onwards. They are the most active users on Instagram, those who post pictures during an aperitif, a day at the beach or simply a selfie taken in a happy moment. And it's always them, who welcome the new fashions and trends of the social network, especially when they are conveyed by influencers, celebrities and web stars.

After the Bambi Pose of 2018, this year it's the turn of the Flamingo Pose. As shown by the photos shared by icons of the caliber of Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid, but also Beyoncè, this photo must be strictly taken while wearing a dress with any shade of pink. And then of course there is a ritual of poses and gestures to be performed that aims to reinterpret the typical posture of flamingos, which often position themselves with a bent leg resting on the upright and straight one. The result is different shot after shot, depending on the imagination and posture of the person. But the effect is really to resemble an elegant and sinuous pink bird.

Finally, the final effect could be quadrupled by including a breathtaking beach or another typical summer landscape in the background. Alternatively, you can choose a white wall and lean against that wall while taking the photo. All content must be strictly accompanied by the hashtag #flamingopose.