What is the Samara Challenge, the new challenge that is depopulating on social

The Samara Challenge is named after Samara Morgan, protagonist of the horror movie The Ring. You have to dress up and scare people

Boredom and long summer nights can lead young people to commit stupid things. And that's exactly what is happening with the Samara Challenge, the new challenge that is depopulating on social networks. What is it all about? It takes inspiration from Samara Morgan, the protagonist of the horror film The Ring. The challenge consists in dressing up as Samara Morgan, parading through the streets of the city at night, scaring passers-by and posting the video on social networks.

We can call it a stunt or a simple prank, but in an age where everything becomes public domain and where appearance prevails over everything, the Samara Challenge is becoming very dangerous. The local newspapers report news about aggressions occurred during the Samara Challenge: the boys are beaten and battered by the people who are the victims of the prank. In Sardinia, instead, a German girl has been blocked by the Carabinieri while she was scaring the inhabitants of Fluminimaggiore.

The social networks do nothing but amplify everything. In order to have one more like or view, young people are willing to do anything, even to be filmed while disguised as Samara Morgan scare passers-by, mostly elderly people or adults.

Samara Challenge, what it is and how it works

The Samara Challenge is the latest madness that has gone viral because of social networks. The challenge involves a young person dressing up as Samara Morgan, the protagonist of the horror film The Ring, and going around the city to scare people, preferably at night. The Samara Challenge costume includes a long black wig with hair that hides the face, a white tunic and a (fake) knife. The goal is to scare people and post on their social profiles the video or images and collect the highest possible number of likes and views.

Samara Challenge, the dangers

There are many dangers that you run doing the Samara Challenge. It is impossible to know how a person may react when he meets on the street a girl dressed in white, with long hair covering her face and with a knife hidden under her tunic. In the last days in Italy there have been reports of fights and beatings involving the protagonists of the Samara Challenge: the people who were victims of the joke reacted in a bad way for fear of being attacked.

Our advice, logically, is not to go around at night to put fear in people just to collect a few more likes on Facebook. There are so many side effects and dangers involved.