What is ThisCrush and why is it dangerous for teens

ThisCrush is a new social network that relies on violent and sexual insults, putting many teens between the ages of 12 and 15 at risk

In the age we live in, the Internet and various social networks can turn into a media pillory. Often without even a real reason. A dangerous situation for adults that becomes, however, very risky for adolescents. At the moment, one of the new dangers for young people is ThisCrush, a new social network dedicated to boys.

On the social network ThisCrush, which has a slice of users aged between 12 and 15 years, you can post content, often violent or sexual, even anonymously. Often times, kids get some heavy-handed insults from their peers for what they've posted. And some post the discussions on Instagram, partly to report the incident and partly to point out to friends how they responded promptly to the insults they received. The situation is getting heavier and heavier as the weeks go by, so much so that psychotherapist and supervisor of the National Cybercrime Observatory Luca Pisano has reported the phenomenon on Facebook.

How to Protect Teens

Pisano is trying to make parents aware of the ThisCrush phenomenon. The intent is not to prevent their children from joining the social. Also because the restriction is almost impossible to put into practice. But to monitor the presence of their children on the platform. To do so, the advice is to subscribe to the social. Although it is also possible to see conversations as anonymous directly from the web. The purpose of the social is not very easy to understand for people unaccustomed to the latest generation of social. Basically you have to "pulverize" registered users with insults and jokes. All this happens thanks to the links in the bio of Instagram. In practice, those who want to insult reads the description of the other user and look at his images and then begins the media pillory. This is yet another challenge for parents 2.0 who must constantly relate to the new dangers to which the Internet exposes their children.