What it means to have your account flagged on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp you can report an account that doesn't comply with the app's Terms of Use. Here's what you risk

You can no longer log into your WhatsApp account and every time you try to log in, a message appears warning you that you have been banned. What happened? Very simple: you have violated WhatsApp's Terms and Conditions and most likely some user has reported you to the application's technicians. Few people are aware of this, but like all online services, WhatsApp has precise rules that must be respected, otherwise you risk having your profile deleted.

Another thing that few people know is the possibility for users to report WhatsApp profiles. This is a tool present in the application and that if necessary can be used against an account that sends spam messages (for example, those who exploit WhatsApp to promote their store) or inappropriate content. By reporting the profile to WhatsApp, the technicians analyze it and decide what to do. The penalty can be mild (a ban of a few days) or heavy (deletion of the profile) depending on the severity of the offense. Here's everything you need to know about WhatsApp flagged accounts.

Why our WhatsApp account is flagged

The reasons why our WhatsApp account is flagged by other users are the most diverse and all relate to our behavior in the messaging application. For example, we may have had a fight with our group of friends and in revenge they decided to report our profile to WhatsApp. Or, we use the account for actions that violate the Terms of Use. For example, we have a store and we send messages to contacts with discounts and promotions. If we do this very often, it can be mistaken for spam and cause people who receive the message to report us. Another valid reason is sending inappropriate content to people we do not know.

How to report a WhatsApp account

If, instead of being reported, we want to report a profile that adopts a behavior not in accordance with the Terms of Use of the application, we can do it in a few seconds. The procedure to follow is as follows: access the conversation, press on the top of the name (if it is recorded on the smartphone) or number and in the new page that opens you have to scroll down until you find the item "Report contact". A window appears with a warning and a check mark on the side "Block the contact and delete messages from this chat". Pressing on "Report" will send the report to WhatsApp and the user is blocked and can no longer send us messages.

Sending a report, however, is not the same as having the profile deleted from WhatsApp. The app's technicians only start analyzing a user's behavior after receiving at least a couple of reports from different people. If the actions are deemed contrary to the app's Terms of Use, you also risk having your account closed.

What you risk having a reported WhatsApp account

The answer in this case is very simple: you risk being banned from WhatsApp. What does it mean? That we will not be able to use the account for a predetermined period (if the ban is temporary) or forever (if the ban is permanent). The ban from WhatsApp is equivalent to the cancellation of your personal profile: goodbye to all chats with friends, images sent and received and any type of multimedia content. And there is no way to get your account back: once you are banned, the application's technicians hardly decide to retrace their steps. The only solution is to buy a SIM card and open a new profile on the email account.