What Italians searched on Google in 2018

As every year, Google has released the report of the most searched words by Italians on its search engine. They dominate current affairs, news and recipes

What have Italians searched on Google in 2018? Big G itself tells us with its usual "A year of searches", short summary on what has been most searched in the last 12 months: characters, places for the vacations, words, sporting events and not, recipes and "how to".

A year of searches is a very interesting tool to understand what interests more to a population, since Google is now the global leader of searches and if you want to know something, there is little to do, look for it on Google. Let's see, then, what Italians have searched for in the year that is about to end.

The most searched words on Google in 2018

If we look at the dry words, the 5 most searched by Italians were: World Cup, Sergio Marchionne, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabrizio Frizzi and Big Brother. The already well-known interests of Italians, therefore, spill over into Google searches and soccer and TV still seem to be of great interest to our countrymen. In second and third place we find two mourners who, evidently, have shaken the population so much that both Marchionne and Frizzi are also among the most searched characters of the year.

The most searched characters on Google in 2018

The 5 most searched characters on Google this year were: Sergio Marchionne, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabrizio Frizzi and Davide Astori. CR7 also held sway on Google because of his move to Juve and is the only living character in this quatern. Hoping that he is not superstitious.

The most searched events on Google in 2018

Sports opens and closes the five of the most searched events by Italians in 2018, which sees within it also politics, music and news: World Cup, March 4 Elections, Sanremo, Ponte Morandi and Giro d'Italia. Interestingly, the Giro d'Italia in fifth position was more searched than the Champions League, which we find in seventh. Wimbledon, on the other hand, is in tenth place after Mother's Day.

The most searched vacation destinations on Google in 2018

Among the places of tourist interest, Sardinia wins over everyone by taking first place among the most searched destinations. Albania, Sicily, Greece and Croatia follow. Italians, this year, searched for low cost vacations.

The most searched recipes on Google in 2018

In the kitchen, Campania beats all, at least on Google: the five recipes opens with the Neapolitan Pastiera and closes with the Easter Casatiello. In second, third and fourth place are the evergreens of Italian cuisine: tiramisu, carbonara and Easter dove.

What Italians asked Google in 2018

A year of searches also groups together a whole series of questions Italians have asked the search engine, such as "What does it mean", "How to do it" and "Why". It's a sign that by now Google has become an "engine of answers", as well as a search engine.

Italians have asked Google what the words "sexist" and "visually impaired" mean, but also the timeless "LOL" and the curious "scopophobia". They wanted to know "how to back up" and then "how to pancake". They asked "why we celebrate March 8" and "why Fedez and J-Ax fought".