What the 3 new super cheap OnePlus smart TVs look like

OnePlus has announced the arrival of three new cheap smart TVs: prices start at less than 200 euros. Here are the characteristics

OnePlus is about to launch on the market three new smart TV models with remarkable technical features, compared to the price they will have. Features announced, but without many details, by OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau in an exclusive interview with Android Central. Prices, however, come from OnePlus India.

The Chinese brand, last fall, entered the smart TV market with the Q1 and Q1 Pro models, both with 55-inch QLED display and 4K resolution and sold in India, respectively, at the equivalent prices of 900 and 1,300 euros. Two televisions, therefore, of medium-high range and not intended for the mass market. The three new models of OnePlus TV, however, will have much lower prices and will be aimed at the lower-medium end of the market: medium features, low price. In full OnePlus style, a company that has always had in the excellent value for money of its electronic devices one of its strengths.

OnePlus TV: how will the new models

Ad Android Central Lau said that the new smart TV OnePlus will have an ultra-thin design, even thinner than a high-end smartphone like the OnePlus 8: just 6.9 millimeters for the TV, compared to about 8 millimeters of the phone. The screen will have a useful visible part equal to 95% of the total, thanks to very thin bezels, and a color fidelity of 93% of the DCI-P3 color space, while the audio section provides speakers rotated 90 degrees to occupy less space and offer 50% more powerful bass. Much work, then, has been done by OnePlus on the interface and user experience: it will be the same as the high-end models, because OnePlus wants to "set the standard" for smart TVs.

New OnePlus TVs: how much they will cost

The new OnePlus TVs will arrive shortly in India and the company, from its Indian Twitter account, has begun to communicate prices. But with a trick: the second digit of the price, in Indian rupees, is hidden by an X so in reality a price range and not an exact price has been communicated. The three prices, in fact, are 1X.999 rupees, 2X.999 rupees and 4X.999 rupees.

The cheapest OnePlus TV, then, will cost between 10,999 and 19,999 rupees (130-235 euros), the mid-range one will cost between 20,999 and 29,999 rupees (247-353 euros) and the higher priced one between 40,999 and 49,999 rupees (482-588 euros). We'll see if in the future OnePlus will decide to make the budget smart TVs arrive in Italy as well