What the first two iPhone prototypes looked like. Photos and video

Do you know how the iPhone revolution began? With two hideous prototypes. Only after two years of hard work will Apple unveil to the world the first real applephone

This is iPhone anniversary week. It was January 9, 2007 and Steve Jobs, during the opening conference of MacWorld, presented to everyone the first phone jewel of Apple with these exact words: "a widescreen iPod with touch control, a revolutionary cell phone and an innovative device for Internet communications"

The rest is history. But at first there were only two prototypes, developed by two separate teams - one led by Tony Fadell (the iPod dad) and the other by Scott Forstall - pursuing two completely different software ideas. The video below really shows the first two original prototypes still in their embryonic stages, literally at war with each other. The P1 was a sort of evolution of the iPod software with the addition of a digital click wheel, while the P2 aimed to develop a completely new operating system. Steve Jobs, fortunately, chose the solution proposed by Scott Forstall, decreeing - almost immediately - the end of Tony Fadell's P1 project.

At the origins of the iPhone

(Taken from YouTube)

The unreleased video is by Sonny Dickson, a historical leaker of Apple products. The footage shows the very first two prototypes of the future iPhone: the P1 on the left and the P2 on the right. The P1 project was by Tony Fadell, Apple's iPod guru at the time. Fadell confirms that Apple, at least in the beginning, had intended to use the user interface of the music player as the basis for the original model of the iPhone, but the idea was discarded almost immediately. So the P2 solution proposed by Scott Forstall, who was responsible for the development of the iPhoneOS system, and then for many years, responsible for iOS, was brought forward. La sua posizione a capo del team dedicato al sistema operativo mobile e di macOS, dopo la bufera delle mappe Apple verso la fine del 2012, è attualmente occupata da Craig Federighi con la supervisione di Jonathan Paul Ive “Chief Design Officer”, oltre che guida del settore Human Interface (HI). Dopo questa breve, parentesi, torniamo al passato.

Vince il prototipo P2

iphone-tasto-home-1.jpgFonte foto: BeHance

Rendering dell’iPhone 8 senza tasto Home. Cliccando sulla foto potrai visualizzare tutte le novità iPhone 8 rivelate sinora

Questi primi iPhone, come si vede dal video, sono realizzati con schermi in plastica e cornici abbozzate: sono delle semplici prove di concept, né più e né meno, che evolvono gradualmente nel tempo. At that time the user interface chosen, that of the P2, was very slow to load precisely because it was based on a real operating system, while the prototype the P1 was, so to speak, more "snappy" because it was lighter at the software level. Even the startup and shutdown phases required an almost "artisanal" procedure.

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