What the Honor Magic 3 will look like and when it arrives

Honor is ready to come back in a big way after a period of absence due to Huawei's difficulties. Honor Magic 3 is coming very soon, here's what we know so far

Honor is back, and that's already news. After the separation forced by the U.S. ban from Huawei, the company that had created it to offer customers an alternative with a higher price-quality ratio, the company changed hands at the beginning of the year is finally ready to return to battle on the higher end of the market.

It will do so with Honor Magic 3, on which rumors have arrived in recent hours. Rumors that also include images on the peculiar aspects of the device; images that are not very clear - it must be said - but if it is true that a gift horse does not look a gift horse in the mouth then we welcome the opportunity to get an idea at least of one of the sections, the rear, which in recent years - due to products that front, with the surfaces "all display", seem a bit 'all the same - has ended up giving character to the entire device. And then there are some details about the technical characteristics of Honor Magic 3 that on the whole should be particularly interesting.

Honor Magic 3, what it will look like

Leaker Ben Geskin has let it be known that according to the information in his possession Honor Magic 3 should rely on a very large display with a 6.76-inch diagonal and OLED technology, with a truly atypical resolution: 1,344 x 2,772 pixels, somewhere between 2K (or 1440p) and Full HD (1080p). Rumor has it, however, that the active surface will be interrupted by a hole that will contain two front-facing cameras, and who knows that one of the two will not be an ultra wide-angle camera useful for taking selfies with larger groups of friends.

Honor Magic 3 should also be one of the first Android smartphones to integrate Qualcomm's latest innovation, the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 888 Plus chip presented recently and not yet seen on board a smartphone. If there were to be two variants of the Honor Magic 3 as rumored - and likely one would have the Pro suffix - the "basic" one would have fast charging at 66 watts peak while the better equipped one would come with wired fast charging at 100 watts and wireless fast charging at a whopping 50 watts.

From the renders distributed on Twitter by Ben Geskin we can see the resolution of the main camera stamped on the back of Honor Magic 3, next to the three sensors placed vertically: if the image should be accurate, the Chinese smartphone will have a 48-megapixel main camera with a 1/1.5-inch sensor, so quite large and able to filter a good amount of light, and would support 100x zoom, presumably achieved thanks to a very high performance telephoto lens and a digital zoom.

Honor Magic 3, when it arrives

Honor Magic 3 will arrive next August 12, the date was recently made official by the same company founded by Huawei. The company has already filtered a couple of what in the industry are called teaser images - you can understand as small previews of some details of the smartphone - and in the invitation sent by Honor refers to a "series", confirming in fact that will come at least two versions of the same product. No pricing information yet.