What to do if Amazon Echo won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Are you trying to set up Amazon Echo but it won't connect to your home Wi-Fi network? Here are some tricks that might help you solve the problem

You just bought an Amazon Echo and, caught up in the excitement, you immediately plugged it into the power outlet and started the first configuration. This is usually a simple and almost automated operation: you just need to download the Amazon Alexa app, search for new devices and, after a few moments, click on the name of your smart speaker.

Sometimes, however, not everything goes smoothly and it could happen that the Amazon Echo fails to connect to the home Wi-Fi network. If this happens, the smart speaker will be effectively unusable: not being able to connect to the Internet, it won't be able to play music tracks; give answers to your questions/research; control smart home devices (such as smart bulbs or connected thermostats); access various skills developed by third-party software houses. In short, a major problem that, fortunately, can be solved quite simply. Let's see together how to do it if Amazon Echo does not connect to Wi-Fi.

Enable the smartphone's airplane mode

It may seem strange to you, but if the connection between home Wi-Fi network and Amazon Echo fails it is, in most cases, the smartphone's fault. To facilitate the procedure and avoid the user having to enter the password of their wireless network, Amazon programmers have decided to "rely" on the cell phone.

When you start the procedure of configuration and synchronization of the Amazon Echo, in fact, the smartphone will play the role of the intermediary, which will have the task of passing the data of the Wi-Fi network (the name and password) to the smart speaker. However, it could happen that "interference" is created and the information is delivered in a partial way. To prevent this from happening, turn on your smartphone's airplane mode and then turn Wi-Fi back on: this will disable all the various connections except Wi-Fi.

Now restart Amazon Alexa and try again to sync between Echo and Wi-Fi: if indeed the problem was caused by any interference, you should now be able to complete the procedure without any problems.

Try another data band

Like most routers out there today (all those sold since 5 years ago), Amazon Echo also supports dual band and can connect indifferently to the 2.4 gigahertz network and the 5 gigahertz network. In case you made the first attempt on the 2.4 gigahertz network, enter the app settings and switch to the 5 gigahertz network. At this point, try again to sync the Amazon Echo with the Wi-Fi network and wait for the procedure to complete.

Restart Router

If the previous two attempts did not yield the desired results, the problem may be created by some temporary glitch in the router. To "get rid of it", simply restart the router by unplugging it from the power outlet for about ten seconds. In this way you can be sure that the network device will reset completely (if you were to turn it off from the power button, some circuits will continue to be powered and the glitch may remain in place) and all activities will be restarted from 0. After this handful of seconds, reconnect the device to the power and try again the configuration of the Echo and its synchronization with the Wi-Fi network.