What to do if the default gateway is not available

In this article on Libero Tecnologia you will discover the meaning of the message "Default gateway not available" and what to do to solve the problem.

Working with internet sometimes can create problems, system and communication errors that you don't always know how to solve: one of all is when the message "default gateway not available" comes out. In these cases it is necessary to understand how to proceed and, above all, how to act.

Default Gateway: how does it work?

The default gateway is a network device that converts connection protocols, connecting two different ones together. It is therefore a router that manages data and information traffic and conveys it to the outside world, introducing it into the Internet. Often gateways also provide other services within the local network.

So the message of default gateway unavailable on Windows 10, which is not very different from previous systems in terms of this type of error, means that there are settings that at that moment do not allow to perform the procedures that the gateway should be used for.

It usually happens when using network adapters or, precisely, in Windows operating systems, from version 7 and all those following. It is a very annoying error, especially for those who work with the network and in that way cannot count on a stable Internet connection.

Default gateway unavailable: what to do?

Simply put, what does default gateway unavailable mean? That you can't access your network connection at that time. But you need to take the next step: what to do? One of the first remedies to try is to restart the router: a simple and basic operation, which often turns out to be decisive. Otherwise, you have to try other ways, but you also need to know how to find the default gateway.

Try uninstalling the antivirus. There are some antivirus that conflicts with the network connection and prevents the user from browsing the internet properly. This is a difficulty that can be solved by simply uninstalling the offending program. Just go to control panel, click on programs and go to physically delete it. It may then be sufficient to install a different brand of antivisur so that you continue to have a computer protected from viruses and other threats.

Disable automatic Windows access. The default unavailable gateway is a rather common error for Windows users that occurs especially when the so-called automatic login is performed a feature that from Windows 8 onwards is available in the operating system. To avoid this it can be useful to assign a user password, so that such access is prevented.

Updating network card drivers. Another way to deal with an unavailable default gateway is to turn your attention to the network card, which may have outdated drivers. In this case it may be sufficient to perform a driver update. To do this, go to the Device Manager, go to the Network Cards section, click on the one you are using and do the update.

Then click on Search automatically, so that the operating system will do the updates on its own. In some cases the drivers will have to be uninstalled, and then restart the computer so that Windows automatically installs the updates.