What to do if your credit card is cloned

If from the statement of account you realize that the credit card has been cloned, the first thing to do is to block it to stop the fraudster's spending

Credit cards are very convenient, they allow you not to have to carry large sums of money in your wallet and facilitate the payment of expenses. But they are also very dangerous, since they can be cloned by fraudsters and used for expensive purchases that are impossible to notice immediately.

But it is possible to limit the damage, especially if we can quickly understand that the credit card has been cloned. You need to be quick and take action immediately. You can also prevent credit card cloning by taking some countermeasures that make life complicated for scammers and hackers. For example, activate the SMS service that notifies you of all payments and withdrawals made with your credit card. In this way, if we receive a message that a payment has been made, but we haven't bought anything, it means that the card has been cloned.

Another advice to follow to avoid that the credit card is cloned is to use only safe platforms for your online purchases. Very often fraudsters are able to set traps to steal credit card data and clone them. In the event that our card has been cloned, here are the steps to follow to block it and to try to trace the fraudster.

Credit card cloned, how to act

There are three steps to take when you realize that the credit card has been cloned. First of all, you must immediately call the toll-free number of your bank's customer service to block the card, so that the fraudster can no longer use it. Next, you should file a complaint with the police or the Carabinieri. The third step is to get compensation for the money stolen by the fraudster, but to do this you need a copy of the report.

In addition, through the bank statement you can trace the purchases made by the fraudster. In case the cloned credit card has been used in some store, you can request the help of the local police to try to track down the crook.