What we still don’t know about The Ferragnez

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are ready to open up their lives beyond the social media plane to fans: everything we still don't know about The Ferragnez - The series

The official posters and photos of The Ferragnez docu-series are signed by David LaChapelle, the theme song is sung by Fedez and the release date is set for December 9. But there's still a lot we don't know about The Ferragnez - The Series, coming in less than a month on Amazon's Prime Video platform.

What we do know is that the series will be the new Italian non-fiction show from Amazon Original and will star entrepreneur and influencer Chiara Ferragni, her husband and singer Fedez and their entire extended family, starting with the little ones at home: Leone and Vittoria. The show will offer a new look at one of the best known families in Italy, since both Chiara and Fedez are already used to share on Instagram the many moments of their day between children, work and leisure. Just little snippets of their intimacy, while The Ferragnez - The Series will let their fans enter the couple's home, to live with them some intense moments of the last months.

The Ferragnez - The Series: what we know

Let's start from what is already known about the series, unveiled between official releases from Amazon Prime Video Italia, of which Fedez is an ambassador, and from the social profiles of the couple starring in the show. The official photographs of the series and the posters depict the Ferragnez family, along with relatives and close friends, on the roof of Milan with the Duomo in the background, and are signed by the famous photographer David LaChapelle.

Another confirmation arrived from Chiara's Instagram profile is the author of the theme song of the non-fiction show, which could only be her husband and songwriter Fedez. A theme song that, according to fans, could become the next hit of the summer.

We also know well the "cast", where alongside Chiara Ferragni and Fedez and their children Vittoria and Leone there will be their tribe: Chiara's parents and sisters Francesca and Valentina, Fedez's parents and grandmother Luciana, and even their closest friends, already known to the millions of Instagram fans of the Italian golden couple.

The Ferragnez - The Series: what we don't know

Now let's move on to the plot: the series follows the events of the Ferragnez family, and their relatives, between the last months of 2020 and the first months of 2021. A period full of important milestones, including Chiara's second pregnancy and the birth of little Victoria. And again, the first participation of Fedez at the Sanremo Festival together with Francesca Michielin.

In the presentation of the show they talk about an unprecedented look at the life of the couple, which will allow fans to enter their daily life, discovering the family in a version that is not the one they present on Instagram. Alongside them will be friends and family, for a more intimate and unedited account of their lives. However, we still don't know how "intimate" this look will be: will we see Vittoria's birth live? Will there be unpublished behind-the-scenes footage of the Sanremo festival? In short, what they will show is not yet clear.

The Ferragnez - The Series: when and where to see it

The Ferragnez - The Series will arrive in streaming on Amazon Prime Video simultaneously in 240 countries from next December 9.

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