What will Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series look like

The filming will start again in New Zealand soon and fans are already in an uproar. Here are all the rumors about the new series centered on Middle-earth

The announcement of a Lord of the Rings TV series has alarmed Tolkien fans: many argue that the film saga is untouchable and can not be treated in a handful of seasons in streaming. Nevertheless, curiosity is high and many are waiting for this new content, which will be distributed on Amazon Prime Video.

Jeff Bezos' company has invested so much in this product and now New Zealand is preparing to welcome back the crew to officially start filming the TV series again. According to rumors, the events will be set in the Second Era, much earlier than the facts told in Peter Jackson's trilogy. Unfortunately, indiscretions about the plot and characters are still few and uncertain, but many bet it will be a real show that will satisfy fans and not. The release date on Prime Video could be in 2021.

Lord of the Rings TV series: filming begins

From the beginning, Amazon has announced that The Lord of the Rings (it should be titled as such) will be a flagship series of the channel and for this reason will be invested a large budget that will not disappoint the expectations of fans of Tolkien's Universe. The only rumors concern the filming that is about to start in New Zealand. For the moment, the first two episodes of the TV series have been recorded and the schedule remains unchanged.

In fact, according to the schedule, the set would be revived in September. New Zealand has been able to effectively manage the spread of the virus, where activities have been halted for a limited period of time. These days, the borders have been reopened for film crews, and in addition to The Lord of the Rings, filming of James Cameron's Avatar 2 will also begin.

Technicians and actors will only be able to resume work after going on a two-week self-isolation in the country: protocol is required for all arrivals, especially those from the United States.

The Lord of the Rings TV series: plot

When the TV series was announced, many fans turned up their noses: a sacred monster of cinema like The Lord of the Rings could not be told through a TV series. To reassure the large audience of followers, Jeff Bezos' company made it clear from the beginning that the content would only deal with stories set in the Second Age, that is, long before the events told in Peter Jackson's trilogy. However, if the series were to last for many seasons, it would inevitably come to intertwine with the film and then we could see again on the small screen characters like Frodo and his Ring Company, Gandalf or even Gollum.

The plot is entrusted to J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, who are also executive producers. For the moment, however, there are not many details about the story, apart from some rumors about the setting. But it is known that the creators have made agreements with the Tolkien Estate not to distort the timeline of events and other historical references of the literary works. Finally, there is no certain news about the cast that should count on the presence of Maxim Baldry and Robert Aramayo in the role of the protagonists. For the time being, fans of movies and TV series can enjoy the July 2020 news available on Amazon Prime Video.