What will the MacBook Air 2022 look like

More months to go before the debut of the MacBook Air 2022, but the anticipations are already many: here's everything about the deep renewal of the Apple laptop

The rumor is clear: in 2022 Apple will present the new MacBook Air. And it will not be a simple update to chips, memories and the rest of the hardware features, but a real redesign that Apple has been working on for some time involving the designers, who have revised the aesthetics. A "redesign", then, that many expected already with the current model and that, instead, is postponed to next year.

But it will come: according to the well-known informant Jon Prosser, the MacBook Air 2022 should have a different design from the current one, with sharper lines and edges and that therefore will take the distance from the now iconic tapered frame of the current MacBook Air. Since always the access laptop of Apple's range has had a "wedge" structure, very thin on the part closest to the user and gradually thicker until the display area, which gave the feeling of having an object less thick than it really was. Apple has reportedly decided to change that with MacBook Air 2022, which would have a design much more similar to the recent MacBook Pro. It is also rumored that it could arrive in different colors, in the wake of the iMac with M1 chip.

MacBook Air 2022, what it will look like

The MacBook Air 2022 should debut the Apple Silicon M2 chip, that is the direct successor of the current M1. Compared to the latter, it will be more powerful and efficient, while not reaching the levels of M1 Pro and M1 Max. According to rumors, the M2 of MacBook Air 2022 will have the same cores as the M1 chip but with a higher operating frequency, so it will offer better performance, and even the graphics card will be more powerful than the current.

It is expected a big step forward even on the screen, which on MacBook Air 2022 should adopt the miniLED technology - trade name Liquid Retina XDR - already seen on the MacBook Pro, compared to which, however, will not have ProMotion technology at 120 Hz. From the latter it seems that it will also borrow the notch that, while having many "enemies", will allow Apple to maximize the surface of the screen.

In terms of connectivity, MacBook Air 2022 should not have many more inputs than in the past. It is rumored that Apple will return to the magnetic connector for charging (MagSafe) that will be flanked by two Thunderbolt inputs.

And if there is nothing else on the front of technical specifications - but we already know so much - there is a great indecision on the name. In fact, many insiders are convinced that Apple is ready to abandon the name MacBook Air and move to a more "clean", minimal name: the next generation could be called simply MacBook. Previously there was a laptop with this denomination, whose production, however, ended several years ago. Now that the name is "free", Apple would be considering using it for the current MacBook Air.

MacBook Air 2022, when it arrives

The most credited rumors suggest that the MacBook Air 2022 (or simply "MacBook", who knows) will arrive in the middle of next year. If so, there would be two possibilities: a presentation in April, or directly in June at WWDC. On the pricing front, expect a slight increase due to the miniLED display.