What will the new version of Windows 10 look like

Microsoft is already working on the new features that will be introduced in the next versions of Windows 10, the 21H1 and 21H2.

The new version of Windows 10 is being tested and we can already see the first new features that could peep in the next release of the operating system from Microsoft. With the release of build 21286 come some interesting features, potentially available in the next autumn update.

As usual, each release that follows the nature of the one available for download since the last hours of yesterday, contains within it some features still under test. In order to officially become part of one of the next packages, potentially even the one that should arrive during the course of next fall or Windows 10 21H2, it is necessary that they pass the careful examination of users, in order to integrate perfectly with the elements already present in the operating system, without bringing with them any bugs or problems of various kinds.

Windows 10, what are the new features coming

Among the new features coming that could be part of the next release is the feature currently called "News and Interests", which could become Microsoft's answer to Google Discover.

Windows 10, what is "News and Interests"

The feature "News and Interests" integrates in a single feed in widget format the latest news, weather forecasts and other information fully customizable. Accessible directly from the taskbar, this feature can be turned off at any time to save space or if you just want to keep your workspace as clean as possible.

The structure is the same as in the Launcher application and Bing search engine pages. This is in line with Microsoft's decision to allow the user to create a personalized workspace, with information at their fingertips directly from their taskbar without having to install additional applications or move to other windows.

Currently, the feature is available for Windows users who are part of the testing program in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and India. To take advantage of it, you need to have Microsoft Edge, Redmond's Chromium-based browser, installed. According to Microsoft's statement, there wouldn't be a single version being tested but several, so that more tests can be carried out on different user experiences.

Windows 10, improved storage management

One of the other features of this build 21286 is the ability to create and manage storage spaces directly from the Settings application. Among the new capabilities is the ability to create pools and spaces, add and remove disks, and perform storage pool optimization. Given the unique nature of the feature, Microsoft has chosen to launch the tests including only a small circle of developers, so you can make a better targeted control of any bugs.

Windows 10, the other news

Another important feature is the ability to run Linux commands at boot on a WSL, or Windows Subsystem for Linux. There are also some improvements to pre-existing features, such as notifications in case of detection of zone change and its local time setting, and an update to the DiskUsage utility, or Disk Management, which allows you to keep track of files and folders that take up more disk space.