What will the smartphones of 2020 look like? With a curved screen

What will the smartphones of 2020 look like? Here are the features that will have the devices coming out next year

Smartphone manufacturers are focused on designing and developing the devices to be launched in 2020. The year that is about to end has brought some important news in the world of smartphones: we have seen the first foldable devices (Galaxy Fold), the first cameras with more than 100 Megapixels (Xiaomi Mi Note 10) and increasingly extreme designs, such as that of the Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11 that are characterized by the presence of a square bumper in the back.

What should we expect from 2020 smartphones? What will be the main changes in features and design? What will manufacturers come up with to become more and more iconic? From the rumors collected on the Net in recent weeks we can say with great certainty that one of the components on which manufacturers will focus more will be the screen. It is now several years that the display has become the place to fight the battle for the throne of the best smartphone of the year. In 2020, smartphone screens will become increasingly curved. If so far we've seen phones with only two rounded sides, 2020 smartphones will have as many as four curved sides.

What will change in everyday use? It's hard to say, but it might become easier to use smartphones with one hand, thanks to the ability to also take advantage of the edges to launch apps, answer calls or pause a call. Here's what we should expect from 2020 smartphones.

The 2020 smartphone will have a curved screen

The screen will be one of the features on which smartphone manufacturers will focus their efforts. There were several innovations in this 2019: Samsung launched the design with the hole in the display, the first devices with the pop-up camera hidden in the smartphone shell were seen, and the notch became smaller and smaller until it became little bigger than a drop. 2019 will also be remembered for being the year of the first flexible smartphones: the Galaxy Fold has set the path and in the coming months/years we will see how this new market will evolve.

How will the 2020 smartphone screen look like? Curved. On all sides. These are the indications that come from insiders, from the usual well-informed who reveal in advance the features of upcoming smartphones. Samsung is busy producing screens for next year's smartphones and most of the orders are for curved displays.

The features of 2020 smartphones

How will 2020 smartphones look like? Even more powerful. With cameras with more and more megapixels. This is the trend that we should expect next year, when the first chipsets made with a 5-nanometer architecture and that will ensure greater power will debut.

On the camera front, it will become the norm to see smartphones with five rear photo sensors. In addition to the main camera, there will be room for a wide-angle, telephoto, a sensor for macro photos and another for depth of field. The cameras will have more and more Megapixels, surpassing the 100 Megapixel threshold (the Galaxy S11 will probably have a 108 Megapixel camera).

More and more powerful smartphones need bigger batteries. For this reason there will be an obsessive search for space that will lead companies to sacrifice some ancillary functionality to integrate batteries of at least 4500mAh. Another step forward in terms of charging technologies: it will take just under 30 minutes to have more than 90% autonomy.