What you can do with Google Assistant in Italian

Google has launched also in Italy its personal assistant for smartphones and tablets. Here are all the searches and actions we can perform

Google Assistant, that is the personal assistant of Mountain View, is also available in Italy. All Android smartphones can use the voice assistant to carry out searches or to perform quick actions on our device.

To use the personal assistant we'll just have to download the update of our Google application through the Play Store. Basically, this is the evolution of Google Now, the online search assistant that will now simply be called Google Feed. To activate the voice assistant on our phone we just need to press the Home button or say out loud the phrase "Ok, Google". Using Google Assistant is very easy, even for those who have no experience with virtual assistants. At this point, the question of most Android users will be: but what can I do in concrete with Google Assistant?

Quick searches

One of the most trivial and fastest things we can do with Google Assistant are online searches. For example, it will be enough to activate the voice assistant and then ask "What will the weather be like tomorrow in Rome?" to get all the information about the weather in the capital in just a few moments. Or we can ask the assistant how to find a certain physical place or how to say a word in a foreign language. These are always quite trivial searches, but thanks to Google Assistant, now we don't have to type in the search engine.

Location-based information

Google Assistant can also be used on the go. For example, based on our location we can search for the nearest restaurants. Or places of interest to visit in an unfamiliar city. These are searches that we can also do in our city, perhaps to look for a cinema, a museum or the opening hours of a particular store.

Mathematical operations and activate functions

Google Assistant can also do mathematical operations very quickly. Besides this function, it will be very convenient to use the voice assistant to activate some functions on the device. For example, we can say "Ok Google, turn on Bluetooth", or "Ok Google, call Mom". And the assistant will perform these directions for us in a very short time. It can also be used to open specific applications, such as Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and so on. With Google Assistant we can also set an alarm clock or record an event on the calendar.

Throwing dice with Google Assistant

The Google Assistant app can also be used for fun. For example, we can roll dice or a coin. The AI also accesses the files on our phone, so we can ask for specific internal searches. Like, for example, "Google show me my November photos." If we tell the assistant "let's play a game" it will search for instant video games for us to use on the smartphone. Google Assistant also sings a couple of songs, among the great classics also "l'Italiano" by Toto Cutugno. The Mountain View assistant also knows jokes and poetry. In short, all functions already seen on both Siri and Cortana.

In the future

It must be said that at the moment Google Assistant in Italian is still in an experimental phase. Just set the English language to notice the differences. The voice assistant in English can also manage entire conversations with the user. However, Google Assistant in Italian will soon be greatly improved and will become more and more powerful with time.