What you need to know before buying a new smart TV

There are many smart TV models on the market: here's what you need to know before buying a new smart TV

If you've decided to change your TV to a newer model with more advanced features, then your next TV will certainly be a smart TV. There is no television model on the market today that, at least starting from the mid-range, doesn't integrate some smart feature.

But what is really a smart TV and what are the most important features of a modern smart TV? How to choose the most suitable model for us? The starting point, in the case of smart TVs, is the Internet connection: since all the most advanced features involve access to content on the Web, it is clear that before choosing a TV you need to know the characteristics of your network. If you don't have a good connection, for example, you'll never be able to fully enjoy streaming in 4K, even if your TV supports this resolution.

Buy a smart TV to stream movies

If your home Internet connection is fast enough, one of the main reasons you might want to buy a smart TV is to stream movies and TV series. From Netflix on down, almost all streaming services now offer content in 4K, and in the future, this resolution will be the standard. So make sure the display on your next smart TV can handle this resolution well, and that the model you choose has apps from the major audio/video streaming services. Otherwise you'll be forced to watch content through the web browser: possible, but certainly not convenient.

Buy a smart TV to use your favorite Apps

With a modern smart TV, you can almost always also use the most popular apps on the big screen in your living room: every smart TV manufacturer has its own online store of compatible apps where you can search for the one you want to use on the TV. If Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other popular apps are almost never a problem, the situation is different for apps from independent developers: check the online store to see if there's a version of the app for your smart TV that you're interested in, before you buy the TV.

Buy a smart TV to surf the Web

Another reason to buy a smart TV is to surf the Internet. In this case, it is essential to choose a model with a convenient input peripheral, which worthily replaces the classic PC mouse and keyboard. Many smart TVs are equipped with advanced remote controls while others have an "air mouse" with integrated keyboard as standard. Often, however, it is possible to replace the standard remote control with one purchased separately. At the time of purchase, therefore, ask about the compatibility between the model of smart TV you want to buy and the various pointing devices on the market: even if you do not want to buy an "air mouse" today, it is not certain that you will not want to do so tomorrow.