What’s changing with Firefox 57 Quantum

Mozilla has unveiled the new Firefox 57 Quantum web browser, it is a program twice as fast and stable than before

Firefox is updating and making available to the user some new features. The main objective of this new version, called Firefox 57 Quantum, is to improve the performance, precision and speed of the search engine.

According to the first tests carried out on the browser Firefox 57 Quantum is twice as fast as the previous version. When we talk about high performance we mean reduced loading when opening pages, scrolling through tabs that are already open and when working with multiple active sessions. The browser has been integrated with the new search engine known as Quantum CSS, also known as Stylo, which can run on multiple CPUs to increase performance thanks to the use of modern multi-core CPUs.

Firefox 57 Quantum

This is the first multi-process Firefox browser. This means that each page will use a single process and if there are problems loading a tab, the other tabs will not be affected. The developers have informed users that the new Firefox also uses 30% less memory on the computer than Google Chrome.

Goodbye to extensions

On Firefox 57 Quantum, Mozilla's traditional extensions, often written in the XUL programming language, are no longer supported. On the new browser only WebExtensions will be compatible, which are less performing than the old extensions and those found on Chrome.

Change the interface

The new Firefox has made a cut from the past also in terms of interface and design. This is mainly thanks to the so-called Photon Design. A system optimized for touchscreens that allows you to automatically enlarge the objects selected on the display. The bookmarks icon is also new and more intuitive.

Virtual Reality

The new Firefox 57 Quantum has the WebVR tool that allows you to view a website in virtual reality using a specific visor.