What’s new in Fifa 18: Cristiano Ronaldo and player animations

At E3 in Los Angeles, the event organized by Electronic Arts took place, which presented all the new features of Fifa 18, including the mode The Journey

Electronic Arts officially opened E3, the video game fair organized every year in Los Angeles. The American software house has shown all the video games that will launch in the coming months: Need for Speed, Star Wars Battlefront 2, NBA Live and, logically, Fifa 18. The football video game was certainly one of the most anticipated and Electronic Arts has not betrayed its fans, presenting all the news of Fifa 18.

Beginning with the new testimonial and cover man: Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese phenomenon will be much more than just a cover man, but will even have a customized version and his collaboration with the series could continue in the coming years. But the most important new feature of Fifa 18 is definitely the new player animation system. The algorithm developed by Electronic Arts adjusts the movement of players depending on their stature: if in the past Messi and Ibrahimovic had the same step, with Fifa 18 it will no longer be so. In addition, the most important players will be recognizable by their movement on the field.

During the presentation was also shown the new mode "The Journey". After the success of the first edition, Alex Hunter's adventure will continue in six different chapters with the user having much more say in the player's choices. A journey that will take Alex Hunter to play in the most famous leagues in the world, from England to Brazil. But the news of Fifa 18 are not finished here: Electronic Arts has ensured that in the coming months will be made improvements in gameplay and also in the Ultimate Team mode that will return to the delight of millions of fans.

Latin Passion

For the 2018 version of Fifa, Electronic Arts has focused mainly on improving the many small defects shown by the previous chapter. If the transition to the Frostbite graphics engine has allowed the series to make a decisive step forward in terms of graphics, with Fifa 18 closes a cycle opened last year. The most important intervention has been made on the animations of players and fans: the most important players will be recognizable thanks to their movements and their stride, and the same can be said of the fans. When we play against a South American team, the cheers in the stands will be very warm, while in Great Britain it will be aplomb and fairness that dominate.

The movement of the players has improved thanks to the Motion System Technology, the algorithm that translates the user's touch on the joystick in the shot or in the pass of a player in the video game. With the new system everything will be smoother to make Fifa 18 more and more similar to the soccer game.

Improved Artificial Intelligence

As it happens in every edition, this year Electronic Arts has announced that the artificial intelligence will undergo a marked improvement. Opponents will adapt according to your team's tactics and will study the behavior of the various players. If you try to press high with the midfield, the artificial intelligence will adapt, deciding to make a long throw and jump the median.

Fifa 18: The Journey with Cristiano Ronaldo protagonist

After a debut a bit 'in mute on Fifa 17, Electronic Arts has decided to repropose the mode The Journey also on Fifa 18. And with many substantial changes. Starting with a much longer story (six episodes) and a more active role of the user who can decide the future of Alex Hunter. From what little the U.S. company has shown on stage at E3, the story should start there from where it ended, with Alex Hunter at Chelsea ready to leave the team of Antonio Conte. The six chapters of "The Journey" of Fifa 18 will take the footballer to ply the fields of the most important leagues in the World. In addition, an important role will also real players, such as the same Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fifa 18 will be officially released on September 29, while for those who have made the pre-order will be available from September 26. EA Access subscribers, on the other hand, will have the chance to play Fifa 18 from September 21.