What’s new in iOS 14.5 for iPhones

IOS is about to update to version 14.5, currently reserved for developers only: here are the main innovations that improve the use on iPhone.

The novelties of iOS 14.5 are particularly interesting, the new version of the operating system for the iPhone that could now be ready to officially peep at close range. A few days after the launch of the public beta, the first confirmations arrive on the features that, at the end of the tests, will become part of the next stable version.

The first beta release of iOS 14.5, dedicated exclusively to developers, was made available through official channels at the beginning of this month, February 1, 2021. At the conclusion of the first round of official testing for specialists in the field, last February 19 Cupertino decided as usual to expand the group of testers who, touching the update with their hands, were able to confirm some of the first rumors about the new integrations to the operating system dedicated to Applephones equal to or subsequent to iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE (2016) and not only, given the wider list that also includes iPad and iPod Touch.

iOS 14.5, unlocking via Apple Watch and Dual SIM

One of the innovations that will be introduced with the new version of the operating system from Cupertino is the possibility of unlocking the smartphone even when the protective mask is present on the face. In fact, many had complained about difficulties in the operation, despite the change inserted in release 14 that allows iPhone to immediately request the unlock code immediately after recognizing the presence of the security device.

With the new release, more or less as it happens with the latest Macbooks, unlocking operations will be able to be done directly via Apple Watch. Once paired, the unlock method will enable the screen via a simple swipe (with vibration of the wearable to signal the unlock process) once the presence of the watch near the phone is recognized.

Optainers of iPhone 12, with the update, will also be able to take advantage of the dual sim. The first remains, as usual, in the physical format while the second in the eSIM format, without necessarily having to choose exclusively between one or the other version. Security also plays its part in this update: with the introduction of the new OS, apps will need explicit permission to monitor or collect user data.

iOS 14.5, the other new features

Another feature concerns the ability to set as default music player Spotify, or one of its alternatives, instead of Apple Music. New features also include Siri, which can now perform new actions such as taking screenshots or locking screen orientation.

Good news for gamers, since with iOS 14.5 iPhone - along with iPad - adds support for PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X controllers. Emoji also get a makeover: those dedicated to couples increase, with new skin color variations, new designs are added for hearts and smilies, and Airpods max make their debut instead of traditional headphones. Last but not least is the ability to broadcast Fitness Plus exercises on Airplay 2-enabled devices