What’s the difference between Google Photos and Gallery app

Let's find out the differences between Google Photos and Gallery, two apps we find by default on all Android smartphones

You bought a new Android smartphone and after configuration you found two apps to manage your images: Google Photos and Gallery (which changes name depending on the manufacturer). When you take a new picture, you find it in both Google Photos and the Gallery app. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal: the Gallery app and Google Photos are two apps that perform different functions. And both are important for your smartphone. If you're going to delete one of them, you're making a big mistake.

Google Photos is installed by default on any Android smartphone. The app is developed directly by Big G and can be called a photo management service. Not only can you look at images and videos taken with your smartphone's camera, but it also offers many other services including the ability to save shots to the cloud. The Gallery app (in all its different forms), on the other hand, only allows you to check images and videos taken with your phone. Extra features are stripped down to the bone. Here are the differences between Google Photos and Gallery.

What is Google Photos for

Google Photos was launched in 2015 as part of Google+ and in the following months became a platform in its own right, replacing the Picasa app. What does Google Photos offer? The service, in addition to offering the ability to manage images taken with your smartphone, also allows you to upload photos on other devices to the platform and synchronize them with your profile. You can upload 16 megapixel images and 1080p videos to your account.

You can easily share your images with friends and edit your photos by adding emoji and animations, or even create GIFs.

What's the point of the Gallery app?

The Gallery app offers a much more limited set of features than Google Photos and is designed solely to organize your smartphone photos and videos. On most Android devices we find a Gallery app pre-installed by the phone manufacturer by default and you can also download new ones from the Google Play Store. Gallery can be used in support of Google Photos, but it will never replace it.