WhatsApp, a bug allows blocked contacts to send you messages

According to the complaints of several users, a bug on WhatsApp allows blocked users to still view some info such as photo or last access

Blocking a serial nuisance or a friend who continuously sends us kitty pictures is one of the most appreciated features by users on WhatsApp. The messaging application offers the possibility for users to put in a sort of black list the people whose messages we no longer want to receive. A very useful function, but it is put at risk by a bug discovered by some users.

According to the complaints of numerous users who use WhatsApp, this privacy protection tool is not really effective. Due to a bug people we have blocked on WhatsApp can still view our profile photo, the images we post in the States (which self-destruct after 24 hours) and even the time of last access on the application. This is information that shouldn't usually be available to blocked users.

Blocked users can spy on us on WhatsApp

At the moment, WhatsApp hasn't released any official news about the bug, and it's unclear if the developers are already working to fix the problem. Judging by user complaints, the bug that doesn't hide all our data from blocked users occurs on both Android and iOS. According to the first rumors emerged on the Net to solve the bug in some cases just unlock and then block again the user to whom we do not want to provide too much information. But waiting for an update of WhatsApp this can not be considered a one hundred percent reliable solution.

An alternative more drastic but certainly more effective is to delete from WhatsApp contacts the number of the user we have blocked. Once this is done we go to the settings of the application then in the Privacy section and finally in the various entries Last Access, Profile Picture, Info, Status, Current Location, we choose the My Contacts option. In this way only our contacts will be able to look at the most confidential information of our WhatsApp profile. But delete an unwanted contact is not a convenient solution. Think for example if we want to block work bosses or relatives while we are on vacation or just for a short period: we just have to wait for WhatsApp to fix the bug.