WhatsApp also comes to iPad

According to some rumors WhatsApp would be ready to release the version of the app also for iPad. Still do not know with which models will be compatible

The Facebook group would be working on the long-awaited version of WhatsApp for iPad, but it would seem that the native app for the Apple tablet of the world's most widely used instant messaging service should not arrive anytime soon. This is what WABetaInfo reports, a well-known site of leaks and rumors about everything that revolves around the well-known instant messaging platform.

The support for iPad, specifies WABetaInfo, is not yet available but WhatsApp has been working on it for a few weeks. At the moment, if you search for WhatsApp from an iPad, the app is still not compatible. According to Webetainfo the most likely thing is that the update will be made available from the next release of the WhatsApp app, but only for those who are registered on TestFlight, which is the beta program of WhatsApp for iOS. Others, however, will have to wait.

How to use WhatsApp on iPad

Previously, there were rumors of a semi-compatible app for the iPad, which basically functioned as an interface to WhatsApp Web, so to use it you had to connect your iPad to the Web and without a connection it didn't give you the ability to re-read old chats. Now, however, it would seem that WhatsApp has opted for a 100% native app. What remains to be solved is the problem of facilitating access via the same phone number on both iPad and iPhone and also via the Web version of WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo, in fact, has been able to exclusively test a preliminary version of this app, but using a phone number dedicated to it. A second thing that's still not absolutely clear is whether this app will be compatible only with iPads that have a SIM card and phone capabilities, or even with tablets that don't have them and only have a Wi-Fi connection.

WhatsApp for iPad: what the app looks like

As far as we can see in this version, part of WhatsApp's interface has already been modified and optimized to make the most of the space available in the iPad's display: the main screen is divided into two columns, with the list of the latest chats on the left and the active chat on the right. The screen splits further in half when the keyboard appears, occupying the lower part. The call screen and the settings screen are also divided into two columns like the chat screen, while the status screen is full screen. For the rest, the WhatsApp app for iPad seems to bring completely on the tablet features already seen on the iPhone. Like the ability to make video calls and compatibility with Touch ID for unlocking. The only thing missing is the camera tab, but that could come later.