WhatsApp arrives night mode: what changes

According to the latest rumors collected by the leaker WhatsAppBetaInfo, the developers of the messaging platform are working on the dark mode

The long-awaited night mode, that is, the dark mode, could perhaps arrive on WhatsApp already with the next version of the application, now on its way: a screenshot on the Twitter profile of WABetaInfo, a well-known site specializing in leaks and leaks on the world's most widely used messaging app for Android and iOS, suggests it.

These screenshots show a WhatsApp chat in night mode but, it should be noted, they have nothing official and do not come from the Facebook Group. Usually, however, the anticipations of WABetaInfo are always quite accurate and timely. Probable, therefore, that the developers and designers of WhatsApp are finalizing the dark mode for the messaging platform owned by Facebook. In short, the next time you update WhatsApp, take a good look through the settings: maybe you will already find the night mode.

What is the dark theme for WhatsApp.

The image shows a chat with a completely black background and gray text and keyboard. The contact name appears in white, icons remain unchanged while other details of the screen are in white or green. But the bulk of the display is black and, as a result, the app in night mode emits very little light to function. It's not clear, however, what happens to the custom backgrounds if you enable dark mode: will they be removed altogether or will they be darkened? However, night mode on WhatsApp has been talked about for months, it's currently in the testing phase and many of the instant messaging service's users can't wait for it to arrive, but there's still no official confirmation from the developers on when this feature will arrive.

Not just WhatsApp

The trend for mobile apps, however, is just that "dark" so much so that in the next Android Q a new feature could debut to force the "dark theme" even on apps that don't have a native night mode. The dark mode, in fact, has many advantages: it is more relaxing for the eyes, especially in the evening when they are more tired and, not least, drastically reduces the battery consumption of smartphones and tablets especially if the devices are equipped with OLED screens. For WhatsApp, offering dark mode could also be an advantage: since night mode is more relaxing for the eyes, it's predictable that users, using it, can lengthen the time spent on the app by quite a bit with longer and longer chats.

How to set WhatsApp dark background

In the meantime, there are also those who have come up with a trick to "darken" WhatsApp while waiting for the arrival of the official dark mode: setting a black background for chats and groups gives a similar effect, even if the text of the messages remains black and within a white vignette. It's not exactly a dark mode, but some people will settle for it. To set the black background on WhatsApp you have to go to Settings > Chats > Background.