WhatsApp arrives on low-cost cell phones

WhatsApp arrives also for cell phones with KaiOS operating system: here's how to install the application on Nokia phones

Not only Android, iOS, Windows Phone, now WhatsApp arrives also on mobile phones. But not on all, only on devices that use the KaiOS operating system. This is an OS used mainly on cell phones with a physical keyboard and that cost a few tens of euros. An example is the Nokia 8110, released last year.

KaiOS is an operating system that is constantly growing and spread especially in developing countries, where not everyone can spend a couple of hundred euros to buy an Android smartphone or an iPhone. The project of KaiOS is very ambitious: to make cell phones "smart". The goal is not to replicate what smartphones already do, but only to make cell phones with a physical keyboard a little more useful. The arrival of WhatsApp only confirms the good things that the developers of the new operating system are doing: in the previous months some Google and Facebook apps had been released on the KaiStore. Here is how to install WhatsApp on Nokia phones.

How to install WhatsApp on cell phones with KaiOS

The procedure to follow to start using WhatsApp on Nokia phones is very simple. It is a normal installation of WhatsApp on the phone. First you need to access the KaiStore, search for the application in the search bar and press the download button. Within a few minutes the installation will be completed and you can register to WhatsApp.

Although cell phones have less power than smartphones, WhatsApp for KaiOS has the same functionality. You can make calls and video calls, send images and GIFs. Di default è presente anche la crittografia end-to-end.

C’è solo un requisito per poter installare WhatsApp sul proprio telefonino: deve avere almeno 256MB di RAM.

Ecco la lista con tutti i telefonini su cui poter installare WhatsApp:

  • Alcatel Go Flip 2 ‘
  • Cat B35 Doro 7050 and 7060
  • JioPhone (Reliance Jio)
  • JioPhone 2 (Reliance Jio)
  • MaxCom 241
  • MTN Smart
  • Multilaser ZAPP
  • Nokia 8110 (HMD Global)
  • Orange Sanza
  • Positivo P70S
  • WizPhone WP006.