WhatsApp, attenzione al messaggio vocale con virus. Cosa sta accadendo

Un messaggio sta girando in questi giorni su WhatsApp e mette in guardia dalle note audio: scopri cosa c'è di vero

“Attenzione, in Messenger e su WhatsApp. Ci sono messaggi che arrivano da parte di persone in rubrica che sono dei virus.
Nel messaggio vi chiedono di mandare un messaggio vocale. Fare attenzione. Io ne ho ricevuti 2 e probabilmente dal mio vi potrebbero arrivare richieste simili….Non sono io quindi non inviate alcun messaggio vocale“.

Questo messaggio sta diventando virale sui social network e su WhatsApp e sta creando allarme tra gli utenti. Ma non bisogna preoccuparsi. Si tratta di un messaggio-fake creato ad arte per impaurire gli utenti. Non esiste nessuna nota audio che nasconde un virus: potente continuare ad ascoltare i messaggi vocali inviati dai propri amici senza nessun tipo di problema. This is the classic chain letter that is born every week on WhatsApp and is forwarded from group to group until it goes viral. Despite the efforts made by WhatsApp programmers to curb hoax messages in every way, the scammers always manage to find new ways to spread their fake news.

WhatsApp, beware of audio note with virus

In addition to WhatsApp groups, the message is also spreading on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Fake news creators are looking for new platforms to spread their messages after WhatsApp significantly decreased the number of times a message can be forwarded. The new frontier is Facebook Messenger and the blue social network, where there are still no protections against fake news.

The message that is going around in this hour on the Internet has been created by people expert in the digital world. Besides being written in good Italian, the message touches on the right topics: voice notes, one of the most used tools by young people, and viruses. Most users are terrified of malware and can't tell when a virus has infected their device. Just reading this word is enough to trigger panic. That's exactly what happened in these hours among the Internet people.

WhatsApp, how to defend yourself against viruses

You just need to have some experience with the world of computing to understand that it's a fake message. Audio notes cannot hide a virus, being a multimedia content. Viruses on WhatsApp can only be sent in the form of a document. So don't be afraid and keep listening to the voice messages that your friends send you.