WhatsApp, beware of the application that spies on your chats

Chatwatch is an application that exploits an option of WhatsApp and allows you to know who a contact present in your address book is talking to

When you use WhatsApp you are aware that some personal information is collected by the application to offer an increasingly better service. For example, WhatsApp knows very well when a person is online or offline and how long they have not connected to the platform. This type of information is also shared with other users: just go into the chat you have with some friend, and under his name we'll find an inscription that tells us if he's online or when was the last time he connected.

To users' eyes it may seem like a very useful piece of data, but it can actually be used to keep track of people. That's exactly what Chatwatch does, an app designed to spy on users on WhatsApp. L’app raccoglie da WhatsApp i dati sullo stato online/offline dei contatti presenti in rubrica e li mostra all’utente: per ogni persona ci sono gli orari d’accesso alla piattaforma e quando ha chiuso l’applicazione. Sfruttando una funzione di WhatsApp, è possibile monitorare la vita del proprio partner. Senza fare tanti giri di parole, l’applicazione è pensata proprio per questo motivo: controllare la vita dei partner, in particolar modo se si è molto gelosi e si teme un tradimento.

Come funziona Chatwatch

chatwatch.jpgFonte foto: Google Play Store

Chatwatch (disponibile solo per utenti Android) è un’applicazione subdola e anche molto pericolosa: utilizzando uno strumento legale presente su WhatsApp, si controlla la vita del partner e dei propri amici. Raccogliendo i dati sull’attività su WhatsApp di una persona, è possibile scoprire quando è andata a dormire o quando si è svegliata. Ma non solo. By comparing the schedules of two people you can come to find out if they were talking at a specific time. If several times in the same day they logged into the application at the same time, there is a good chance they exchanged messages. To get access to all this kind of information, however, you need to pay. To keep track of two contacts, the price is just under two dollars. The developers have assured that the money is used to fund a non-profit organization against Trump.

We remind you, however, that spying on a person is an action that goes against the laws of the Italian state and if you are discovered you can be reported.

How to secure your WhatsApp account

Chatwatch to work uses a tool that can be disabled via WhatsApp settings. A user can also refuse to show their Status on the app. To disable the feature and make Chatwatch useless, you need to log into WhatsApp, press on the icon with three dots in the top right corner and choose Settings. In the new window that opens, you'll have to click on Account and then Privacy. At this point, we tap on the "Last Access" item and select the option None.