WhatsApp, beware of the Eurospin voucher scam

The State Police, through its Facebook page, reported the return of the Eurospin voucher scam on WhatsApp

Scams on WhatsApp continue to be one of the main problems for the security of users. To warn of the new threat is the Facebook page of the State Police, "Commissariato di PS Online - Italy".

The new scam discovered on WhatsApp acts disguising itself as a fake shopping voucher for the supermarket chain Eurospin, which logically is unrelated to the attempt carried out by the malicious. This is an attempt of fraud already recorded in the past, and especially in December 2016. Before last Christmas, the scam had made several victims in our country on WhatsApp. A few months later, as reported by the State Police on its Facebook page, many users segnaalno new scams suffered in a similar way. To understand and recognize the fraud, let's see how it works and how it lures unsuspecting WhatsApp users into a trap.

How to defend yourself

The scam is disguised as a fake voucher message from the Eurospin chain. To get the shopping voucher, the message says to enter our personal data (name, date of birth and email inbox) and send it to at least 10 contacts, as if it were a chain letter. Obviously once you do all this you do not get any kind of discount in the supermarket. The scam is designed only with the purpose of stealing as much user data as possible. Eurospin itself has informed WhatsApp users and its customers that no discount has been thought of by the company in this way. For this reason, as always, we advise against sending our data to strangers and people who, using phishing techniques, pass themselves off as companies or institutions.