WhatsApp, beware of the message that hides a virus

A message is running on WhatsApp and warns users of a dangerous virus hiding in the images received. It is a hoax

A virus that formats the cell phone and makes you lose all the data on the memory, including images, videos and work documents. And the malware is hidden in the photos we receive on WhatsApp. This is in summary the message that is running in these days on the popular messaging application and that is alarming thousands of users. Before you panic and block any content you receive, you should know that it is a fake news.

There is no virus running on WhatsApp, especially hidden within the images. This is a hoax message artfully created by some user with the sole objective of creating alarm. Moreover, this is not a real novelty, already in the past the same message had gone viral, creating panic among users. To unmask the fake news have been the boys of Butac, portal very active in reporting the hoaxes published on the Net. The message is not dangerous and does not hide any scam: it is only a stunt engineered by someone who had time to waste.

The text of the WhatsApp message that hides a virus

"Hello. If you do not already know, I warn you that from tomorrow no goodnight and good morning with photos. I pass you the notice. Please warn all contacts on your list not to open and send good morning and good night photos there are some that are viruses that will format your phone. Beware it is very dangerous. It has been announced today on Rai TV, Mediaset premium, La 7, Sky tg 24 and other TV and radio stations. Spread as much as you can ONLY WRITTEN WORDS."

The message exploits one of the most viral content on WhatsApp: the images of "Good morning" and "Good night". A real plague that has plagued the application for several years now. Who has never received a Good Morning image from their parents, from some aunt or on some group? The message, in fact, has become viral thanks to the groups: it has been published on numerous groups and in a short time has reached thousands of people.

You do not have to fear any virus on WhatsApp, especially hidden in the images. Photos, in fact, cannot transmit malware: it is the executable files that can hide some virus or spyware. As Butac's editors suggest, there is no danger whatsoever: your smartphone won't be formatted and you won't lose your personal data.

Remember not to share this kind of messages and especially not to forward them within groups. You will only give more strength to the fake news.